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How Good is the Enfield Himalayan for the Snowy Mountains of India? – A Review

“It’s the untamed horse designed for a complete adventurous journey for the human spirit”- This is what the riders and fans of Royal Enfield Himalayan reveal about their ride every time. Crafted to tackle and explore India’s rugged yet beautiful terrain, the Royal Enfield Himalayan, the first dual-purpose motorcycle, is a machine that responds to the mountains.

While still, the motorbike community has a lot more to explore about this dashing terrain motorbike, please look at today’s article to get to know how the Royal Enfield Himalayan rides in the mountain terrains of India.

What is Enfield Himalayan?

Designed with hefty 17″ and 21″ wheels and dual-purpose tires, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is crafted with a steady grip for all roads. Yes, known for a reliable ride, the tour-minded design with the improved seat, panniers, LCD dashboard, jerry cans, and mounting points are the unbeatable attachments of Enfield Himalayan.

“Built for all roads, built for no roads”- this dual-purpose motorbike is the story of decades of expeditions. As traveling thousands of kilometers in terrain is challenging, to fulfill the thirst of need for a machine to respond to the mountains, Enfield Himalayan comes with adventure-ready handling, half-duplex split cradle to tackle the rocks.

Guaranteed as the motorbike made for mountains by Siddhartha Lal, CEO of Royal Enfield, there are countless Himalayan journey stories by Abhinav – ad-man by day Rup from Sydney, and Ajay – a self-defense expert that makes it crystal clear!

Pass through snow, dirt tracks, rocks, sand, pebbles, shallow water with the Himalayan motorbike, introduced by RE to comfort the tour and travel on any landscape. With the ability to take you to unchartered territory, the Himalayan has a retro style to ride in hail, off-road, rain, and also for bone-jarring wind chill in sub-zero temperature. Well-spaced with panniers, control levers, comfy touch off-road prowess, the Himalayan offers ultimate grip when you are through the rough roads.

Key Specs of the All-Terrain Motorbike

  • Perfected with 800mm seat height, footpegs, handlebars for comfortable riding position to offer versatile performance, tripper navigation assist, intuitive display, Google Maps, and Royal Enfield App are other add-ons of this mountain mover.
  • With angle adjustments, the front windscreen shields the elements. All instruments like analog engine speed indicator, temperature, compass, and twin-trip gauges are neat, facing the rider upright for comfort.
  • When it comes to the appearance of Himalayan, it gets a fit-finish allover giving a classic uphold to the older generation Royal Enfield motorbikes.
  • Being a hand-in-hand two-wheeler, Enfield Himalayan follows a 411cc, air-cooled, four-stroke engine style that delivers torque 4,500rpm and a maximum power of 24.5bhp.

Available Colors

  • Available in different attractive color variants like Mirage Silver, Granite Black, Rock Red, Lake Blue, Ravel Grey, and Pine Green, without a doubt, Royal Enfield Himalayan is a versatile two-wheeler motorbike for the most challenging terrains.

Recognized and featured by Times Drive, Auto X, the all-new 2021 comes up with new updates that enhance a smoother ride. Being a unique motorcycle, Royal Enfield Himalayan is out for a specific need for a wanderlust spirit influenced by the “get off the grid” that has always got its place in fan’s hearts.

Expert Review

On the official Royal Enfield Himalayan page, you can also find the adventure experienced by Siddhartha Lal, CEO. He elaborates and describes how beautiful his ride was through the hills and their natural scenery. He also adds up that it was an idea or dream for more than 60 years of making. Additionally, he expresses and includes his first Himalayan riding experience in 2010 along with his friends and the related atrocities.

After providing a complete review on his ride on the Bruntingthrope airfield and off-road track in the UK in 2014, Siddhartha Lal explained the high ground clearance, beefy suspension, and immense confidence offered by Royal Enfield Himalayan on the muddy hill slopes.

So, are you excited and stunned to know that Enfield Himalayan is more excellent than you imagined? I know, finally, you believe that the Himalayan has the edge over others to be the perfect companion for your next terrain ride.

Thus, gear up your saddlebag with everything you need on your Himalayan and get started for the next terrain adventure!

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