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Introducing JAYCOH – The Jawa and Yezdi Club of Hyderabad

JAYCOH, the Jawa and Yezdi Club is yet another exciting motorbike club of India. Hailing from Hyderabad, this club with lively and fanatic riders has become a huge sensation in the motorbike community within a short span of time.

This club is unique in its own way and their main focus is on Jawa and Yezdi make motorbikes and their owners, the main objective being to save and revive the love for these brands.

Introducing JAYCOH - The Jawa and Yezdi Club of Hyderabad

So, guys are you all ready to take a ride and get to know about JAYCOH?

Before we dwell deep into the club details, let us know a bit about the background of this super energetic group of motorbike riders.

This is a 5-year-old motorbike club with over 4000 followers on Facebook. There are at least 20 to 25 riders who as a team go for a ride every 2nd Sunday of the month. JAYCOH is an open group and has round 2372 members just through Facebook.

I must say that makes them quite popular!

Introducing JAYCOH - The Jawa and Yezdi Club of Hyderabad

Want to know more? Well, here are some very compelling facts about JAYCOH.

  • Jawa and Yezdi are vintage motorcycles ranging from the year1947 to 1996 and this group solely promotes those.
  • The 2nd Sunday of July, each year is celebrated as International Jawa Day.
  • Inder Anam, one of JAYCOH members, also owns a company called “Adventure addicts”. Adventure addicts is a travel organizer that comes up with various road adventures and expedition opportunities such as NERM, Himalayan Odyssey, etc. through their website.

JAYCOH has widely associated itself with various social events, some of which are:

  • The 1st All-India Jawa and Yezdi Ride in Hampi (15th – 17th Aug ’14)
  • Bikers Darbar- 2015 in Coorg, Karnataka
  • TTPH-19 “Leh- Ladakh Expedition”, 2015
  • Wild Ecstasy, 2016
  • The Valley Run, 2016
  • MotoDay, 2016

Introducing JAYCOH - The Jawa and Yezdi Club of Hyderabad

Wondering where all they have travelled? Well, that’s a long list too, check it out!

  • A ride from Hyderabad to Goa, Aug 2015
  • Narsapur forest, January 2018
  • 35th JAYCOH Monthly Ride to Medak
  • A trip to Mysur
  • JAYCOH Family Trip to Srisailam
  • Shamirpet lake, Laknavaram lake, Warangal
  • A ride to Pocharam
  • Gandikota ride

Introducing JAYCOH - The Jawa and Yezdi Club of Hyderabad

Apart from travelling, this group has never shied away from social and charity events. Rather they have been at the forefront of many ever since its inception. We have mentioned a few of them below:

  • A ride to bring a smile to the face of special children (November 30, 2014)
  • Republic Day ride for Equality January 26, 2015
  • The Bikerhood Meet: Ride for Heroes, Hyderabad Nov 2015 (Indian Armed Forces)
  • Creating awareness of Round Table India and its National Project “Freedom Through Education” (2014) (A project to educate underprivileged children)

Being one of the most active Indian motorbike community group, JAYCOH dedicated its life towards adventurous rides and organizing various rallies towards awareness of social causes. They maintain a monthly meet-up and additionally act as a meeting point for world-wide Jawa and Yezdi riders through their annual celebration of International Jawa Day. So, all those motorbike crazy people around Hyderabad join this motorbike club to be part of their adventurous path.

Have a quick glance at their Facebook and Instagram pages:

In the next and final edition of this week, we will talk about some all-women motorbike clubs.

Excited already, right? Well, stay tuned with Motorbikes India magazine and our Facebook page!

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