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Is a Scooter Better or a Motorbike? Top 10 Similarities and Differences

Scooter or a motorcycle? Let us go through our helpful guide below, explaining both the differences and similarities between a scooter and a motorbike and how you can make a better decision.

The debate of scooter vs. motorbike has been going on for decades. Though the scooters are pretty simple to maintain and convenient, there could be numerous reasons to consider riding a motorcycle. But then, we are not discussing apples and oranges.

So, if you plan to purchase a two-wheeler, a scooter, or a bike, there are always specific pointers that you need to identify in sync with your preferences and requirements.

As we all know that the motorcycles and scooters aren’t very different and yet, in some ways, are. Gearless scooters or scooters are a lot simpler, and as city runabouts, they are perfect! In contrast, you can control multiple functions with a geared bike.

So, if you have been wondering, ‘which is better, scooter or a motorbike?’ we’ve devised a list of top 10 similarities and differences worth considering as follows.

Top 10 Similarities of a Scooter and a Motorbike

The following article will examine the similarities and differences and see what makes people choose one of the two.

1 – The Appearance

Most of the essential appearance elements, such as the number of wheels, brakes, handlebars, number of seats, etc., are pretty similar between a scooter and a motorbike.

2 – The Technique

The basic technique to ride motorcycles and scooters is also the same. The wheels move and make the vehicle stand upright. What is more important, both for motorcycles and scooters, you need to corner correctly. Finally, when you ride a motorbike or a scooter, you cannot afford to look down as you always need to look ahead.

3 – License Requirements

Both the riding access of motorbikes and scooters needs you to have a legal license. The age to apply for a two-wheeler license is also the same for both in most countries. In general, you need to have a permit to ride both the scooter and a motorbike. However, this license may not be a requirement in case you’re driving an e-scooter.

4 – Comfort Seating

There is a dedicated seat for a rider and a pillion in both the motorcycles and scooters. However, the design and space occupied by each may vary according to different models.

5 – Riding Rules & Regulation

As both are two-wheelers, the applicable riding rules and regulations on roads or highways are almost the same in most countries. It means that riders have to follow the same driving rules in terms of the lane, brakes usage, horn usage, highway crossing, etc.

6 – Learning Process

The initial learning process to ride both the scooters and motorbikes for amateurs is almost the same. It simply means you have to learn the same basic riding rules or techniques to be applicable.

7 – Mirrors

If you closely observe the models of motorcycles and scooters, there is a usage of side mirrors in both of them in most scenarios.

8 – Availability of BS4 and BS6 Engines

As per the latest news and manufacturing of new models, the BS6 and BS4 engine availability is available in motorbikes and scooters.

9 –Daily Purpose

A scooter or an average motorbike is generally for commuting purposes, and hence acceleration or top speed is usually not a priority for everyday commuters.

10 – All Scooters are Motorcycles

Yes, all scooters are motorcycles. A motorbike is a two-wheeler powered by a throttle synced with an engine. A scooter is a motorbike with a step-through seat.

Top 10 Differences of a Scooter and a Motorbike

Even though there are various similarities between the two, there are notable differences as well. Please give them a quick read and see the best choice for yourself!

1 – The Engine

No one can overlook the fact that motorcycles can run faster than scooters. And, the underlying reason behind this concept is the engine. On the other hand, more electric power or gas has to be used to make the scooters run faster. For scooters, the engine range is 50cc to 250cc, whereas it starts from 250cc in motorcycles and can go over 2000cc.

2 – Manual Clutch

Around 98% of motorcycles have a manual clutch that manually requires the riders to shift gears. Comparatively, most of the scooters have an automatic (CVT) transmission.

3 – Footrest Platform

If you go by the design of most of the motorbikes, the one thing that is always absent is the footrest platform. In contrast, you will always find a decent space of footrest platform in scooters.

4 – Wheel Size

The wheel size of scooters ranges between 10 “-16”. On the other hand, the wheel size of motorcycles begins from 16″ in most scenarios. The typical physical Size of the tire is around 12/70 17 for motorcycles, mostly 100/80 17 in the case of scooters.

5 – Off Roads/Long Rides

A scooter is for urban travel only, short commutes, and the like. The automatic transmission of a scooter makes it quite dangerous at higher speeds on more challenging roads. At the same time, heavy-duty motorbikes suit off routes or long rides.

6 – High Speed

Some famous models of motorcycles can exceed 110 mph (though riders should always follow the speed limit). But, the 50cc scooters can hit about 40 mph, while 250cc scooters can get up to 75 mph.

7 – Mileage

This mileage of a vehicle is primarily upon the engine displacement (CC Cubic Centimeters). A bike usually provides a higher mileage as compared to a scooter having the same engine capacity.

8 – Fuel Efficiency

Various motorcycles average around 44 mpg; newer models can reach up to 85 mpg. On the other hand, the scooters are more fuel-efficient, with some models averaging 132 mpg.

9 – Storage Capacity

Most scooters consist of a large under-seat storage compartment. Yet, the motorcycles have little storage to which you can add the saddlebags for more storage. However, some motorbikes models have cargo space which is not there in the case of scooters mostly.

10 – Manoeuvring and Turning

A motorcycle’s longer wheelbase makes it less accurate for turning and manoeuvring at low speeds. Comparatively, the small wheelbase of the scooter makes them better for manoeuvrability and turning.

Once you decide on the perfect motorbike or scooter for you, make sure you have the right insurance coverage to go with it. You can even go for two-wheeler loan offers this festive season to get your dream two-wheeler.

Ultimately, it all boils down to your need and budget in identifying whether you should be looking for a motorcycle or a scooter. A scooter will cost you must less than a motorbike and is more comfortable. However, a motorbike is more road-friendly, faster, and thus, riskier too. With no one size fits all criteria to make a choice, weigh in the pros and cons of the two-wheelers that fit your bill.

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