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Jawa 42 – All New Tawang Edition

As a motorbike fan and especially of heavy and monstrous super motorbikes, it’s a dream to own their unique edition motorbikes. These special edition motorbikes are manufactured in limited quantities to give the model the exclusivity required in the market and steer clear of the competition. The look and aesthetics make the motorbike appealing to buyers. The marketing is also very niche and creates a massive buzz in the market. This gets progressively loud toward the launch of the particular edition motorbike.

About Tawang

Jawa motorbikes, synonymous with super and cross-country adventure motorbikes, have done something similar. It launched a special limited-edition motorbike Jawa 42, named as Tawang edition after the high altitude and beautiful region of Tawang in North East India. Tawang is known for its hills and adventurous roadways for tourist visits here. Over the years, it has become a motorbike paradise.

The Jawa 42 Tawang Edition motorbike was launched with only 100 motorbikes in the North Eastern region of India. Once the company gets an idea of its response, the all-new Jawa 42 Tawang edition motorbike will launch across India.

The Launch and Inspiration

The launch of this motorbike coincided with the Torgya festival in Tawang. The motorbike takes inspiration from the mythological character Lungta or the Wind Horse to match its exuberance and speed cutting through the air.

The new Jawa 42 Tawang Edition has a special Lungta symbol printed on its tear drop-styled fuel tank and fenders. The mythological wind horse represents wealth and good luck in Tibetan traditions. This new motorbike is a combination of speed and strength. This motorbike also sports unique engravings in line with the rules of the North East and is also fitted with a bronze medallion.

The Specs

  • The all-new Jawa 42 Tawang edition has alloy wheels size 18 inches and tubeless tires. The motorbike has a dynamic and transparent flyscreen.
  • The headlamps are brightest and cut any darkness on the road in these remote parts of North East.
  • This motorbike also features a headlamp grille and bar end mirrors for that rugged yet charming look and styling.

  • The Jawa 42 Tawang edition has a 295 CC liquid-cooled fuel injection type engine.
  • The power output is immense at 27 HP at 27 Nm torque coupled with a 6-speed gearbox with specialized interchanging port technology.
  • The maximum benchmarked power is 21Kw.

  • The 42 Tawang edition comes with fork-type double spring shock absorption to smooth the riding.
  • The suspension is perfect for cross-country motorbike rides and on rough roads of any hilly terrain.

  • For the rider’s safety, the Jawa 42 Tawang edition has disc brakes in the front and rear end as default.
  • Also, these brakes come with ABS as standard to give best-in-class control over the heavy-duty motorbike, even in emergency conditions.

  • The seats are styled as a classic single black leather seat but with an ergonomic design to give comfort to the rider and his pillion.

The Price

  • The Jawa 42 Tawang edition motorbike is priced at Rs. 2.5 lakhs ex-showroom.
  • The manufacturer has thrown in some biking accessories like special jackets, helmets, and even the on-road registration fee for daredevil motorbike enthusiasts.

So, guys, if you are a true blue motorbike enthusiast and have a habit of going on cross-country motorbike adventure tours with your fellow motorbike buddies, Jawa 42 Tawang edition is the motorbike for you. Go for it, maccha.

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