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Kolkata to Digha: A Bike Trip That Will Make You Amused

Kolkata to Digha: If you are from Kolkata and is planning for your first motorbike trip, Digha must be the very first as well as most popular choice. Digha is the nearest sea beach destination to Kolkata and is well communicated. The spot is extremely convenient for short weekend trips. Being equipped with great lodging facilities (ranging from extremely cheap accommodations as well as luxury ones) make this place popular among all.

Kolkata to Digha by Motorbike

When you have great longing towards long bike ride and want to be sure of the good road condition to your destination, this Kolkata to Digha trip will surely entice you. The road condition is simply great and it will not take a normal rider more than 4 hours (including short tea breaks in between) to reach the beautiful beach. The route via NH 6 is approximately 180 km (though a few kilometres will add up depending on your location in Kolkata). To get more precise distance information it will not be wrong to quote that this destination is just 200 km drive from Kolkata. Besides the absolutely smooth road, it must also be mentioned that the entire stretch of journey is well equipped with several eateries and some of them are so popular that people travelling to Digha put visiting those places in their “must do” list.

If you are making your first bike trip from Kolkata to Digha, it will be best to start early in the morning. This timing will ensure your arrival at the spot by noon. You can spend the entire day on the beach or make yourself comfortable in any of the lodges. Next day you can start a bit late and visit Mandarmoni (which is another popular beach destination just a few kilometres away from NH 6 and spend few hours while driving back home.

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