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KTM RC 390 – An Overview

One of the most illustrious names in sports motorbikes and with a top-of-the-mind recall among sports motorbike buyers is KTM. KTM has always been at the fore of introducing heavy-duty motorbikes in the super sports category with best-in-class technology and quality. KTM in India is ready to launch all-new sports motorbikes in the RC range on moto GP-type bikes. These motorbikes have great styling, aesthetics, and technical feature which give value for your money. The first to be released in this RC category at the higher end is the KTM RC 390.

Let’s get to know the KTM RC 390 a little more.

Powerful Engine

  • The KTM RC 390 powers itself with a 390 CC liquid-cooled single cylindered engine based on the F1 sports motorbike type.
  • This engine is highly mapped or synchronized for best performance and optimal power throughput.
  • This motorbike’s engine can produce 33 KW at 9000 rpm at 37Nm.

Large Airbox

  • The 2022 RC 390 motorbike has a large airbox, nearly 40% bigger than its peers in the same category.
  • The motorbike has ride by wire system for better engine mapping, which in turn produces higher power.

Special Slipper Clutch

  • The RC 390 has a specialized slipper clutch which helps draw maximum power from the engine when you throttle it.
  • The motorbike rider only has to rev the throttle with light fingers, and he will be surprised with a rush of speed from the hood below the seat.

Engine Cylinder

  • The 390 comes with superior carbon-coated engine block components, making the engine super light but sturdy.
  • The motorbike has a four-valve system for better flue consumption and a twin cam for precision.

Huge Fuel Tank

  • The KTM RC 390, a sports motorbike, has a huge fuel tank of 13.5 liters capacity to provide power and greater range.
  • The motorbike sports has a rider-friendly design to give a free knee position and help better manage the motorbike.

Adjustable Handlebars

  • The RC 390 has a well-crafted handlebar for the best grip and riding position.
  • These high-raised handlebars give the rider of this motorbike greater control while riding on any terrain.

Rider and Pillion Seats

  • The 390 boasts a well-designed riding and pillion seat for the best-in-class rider comfort.
  • The pillion rider seats in this motorbike get extra cushioning for better convenience on rough, pot-holed roads.


  • The KTM RC 390 has a lightweight but sturdy metal frame with a trellis and bolted sub-frame.
  • The structure gives it the sporty and MotoGP-type look and gives the rider great power due to its lightweight.

Fork Shock Absorbers

  • The available cartridge-type shock absorbers on this motorbike’s rear and front sides get fork-type shock absorbers.

Wheels and Tires

  • The KTM RC 390 is provided with strong and stable bionic wheels.
  • The compound metal wheels on this motorbike are light but strong and suited to any terrain.
  • The wheels have the best tires and extra grip to ride comfortably on long journeys on the toughest terrain.


  • The KTM RC 390 motorbike has disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. These brakes are lightweight and mounted on calipers that sport radial design.

The all-new KTM RC 390 motorbike at INR 3.20 lakhs is a steal for any sports motorbike enthusiast who has an eye for detail and wants value for the money spent. Go for this dynamic and classic sport motorbike, and you will surely make some heads turn when you take this motorbike for a spin.

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