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Leh- The Barren Beauty

Hello Riders, we are back with a new travel blog!

Summer is at the peak in the north, so why not ride amid beauty and more refreshing breeze with your family and friends? A place no one can say a no to, a place full of adventurous rides, and natural landscape.

Well, well, well, we are talking about Leh, the best although the most challenging motorbike rides across the Indian sub-continent.

So, what all can you explore in the solitary mesmerizing land of yaks and farmers?

1. Thiksey Monastery

Located at the Thiksey hilltop (3600 m altitude), the Thiksey monastery is on the way to Leh-Manali highway and is the most visited place. Though every monastery carries its value, this place surrounds a calm atmosphere, with fresh water oasis, mountains, and villages.

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Not to forget, Thiksey is one of the biggest monasteries in Leh region.

2. Pangong Tso

The clouded, snowfall covered Pangong Tso lake extends from the Indian to the Tibetan region. It is one of the most beautiful destinations for motorbike riders, who are impatient to check-out new adventurous locations.

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The breezy air around the crystal clear lake while would give you a fresh breath of air, will also bring a shiver to your spine.

3. Magnetic Hill

As the name suggests, Magnetic Hill reflects an anti-gravitational effect, which in itself is a unique destination for all. It is an excellent place to roll your bike through magnetic power hill range.

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Also, known as Cyclops Hill, when you roll the downside it feels like the wheels are moving in the opposite direction.

4. Shanti Stupa

If you want a magnificent view of Tibetan structures, then Shanti Stupa is a must-visit. It is a white-domed Buddhist Stupa built by Gyomyo Nakamura (Buddhist Bhikshu) under a mission of Peace Pagoda.

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5. Tanglang La

Here comes one of the most sought after destinations in Leh, the 2nd highest motorable road in the world, with an elevation point of 5328 mts. Biking at such a high altitude itself is a great experience.

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6. Leh Palace

The famous Leh Palace was built in around the 16th Century by King Sengge. It is a nine-storey building with several rooms. The palace gives a marvelous view of nature and atmosphere all around.

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7. Zanskar Valley

Another beautiful place to visit in the Leh region is the Zanskar valley. It is full of many surprises, including the unmissable rafting.

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8. Chadar Trek

A must-go frozen river expedition during the scorching summer in Leh is the Chadar Trek. You can imagine how exciting it is to walk on the ice sheets with hundreds of folds, and remarkable weather condition.

Chadar refers to the white blanket of snow on the lake, hence the name Chadar Trek.

9. Khardung La

One of the highest passes, the gateway to Nubra Valley is Khardung La. You can make your snowman and play with it for hours in this place.

Pic Courtesy:,_Ladakh.jpg

It holds historical importance dated back to World War II. Besides, it is a beautiful place to spend time with your loved ones.

10. Hemis High Altitude Wildlife Sanctuary

For all animal lovers, we have a wildlife sanctuary too in Leh, the Hemis National Park.

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You can’t miss the sight of a snow leopard in one the highest wildlife sanctuaries, can you?

Now, I am sure you all can view how beautiful your ride is going to be in one of the most serene places in India. So, make a quick call to your fellow motorbike riders, grab your saddle bag along with your backpack and without overthinking, get on your motorbike for a life-time motorbike riding experience to the heavenly beauty amidst nature.

I assure you that Leh is full of surprises and much more awaits your presence.

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