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Motorbike Cafe’s

“Life in a cafe will liven up with the arrival of every motorbike, every rider talking about what they are up to with their bike, some talking about their wonderful experience while others are gaining with their peers.”

If you are an unwavering fan of motorbikes, roads, and journeys then you must be aware of the term “Motorbike Cafes”. A place with so much fun, food, coffee and enough to cater to the need of a biker who is on the way to his destination.


Motorbike cafes hold great importance to all motorbike riders who come a long way riding down the road, hills, terrain and need a blow of refreshment. Every motorbike rider loves to visit such cafes that brings to them all they need such as good food, coffee and many passionate like-minded riders from different places, origins chit-chatting about their riding experiences.

In fact, motorbike cafes with the right ambiance inspire many young and upcoming riders to do something new in life. The experienced and senior riders become their guide.

Expectations from a good motorbike cafe

Every motorbike rider has a certain set of expectations from a motorbike cafe. So, here we have included some important criteria’s that are a must-have for a good motorbike cafe:

  • The foremost thing is coffee and cake, which not only should be of good quality but also should have varieties to offer.

  • A location near to a good motorcycle track with a scenic view would be a good option.
  • The cafe must represent historical importance, i.e., it either should belong to a historical period or should display various memorabilia.
  • Keep a reasonable pricing that can be easy on everyone’s pocket.
  • Must have ample parking space to easily accommodate a good number of bikes.

  • Majority of the motorbike riders love to read, so make sure to have a good bunch of reading material.
  • It will be great for motorbike riders to shop for necessary motorbike accessories right in the cafe.

Some of the best motorbike cafe’s

How about visiting one of the best motorbike cafes in India on your bike? Well, to hype your excitement a bit here is the list of some of the best cafes in India.

Bike and Barrel, Chennai

It is a marvelous place with the best-suited environment for motorbike riders.

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Coffee-bike India, New Delhi

A place with Excellency in servicing variants of coffee and a lovable place for on-road riders.

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Ride Inn Café, Manali

It brings you a complete package of the cafe along with lodging, staying and having the best food.

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PitBrew, Chandigarh

Nothing can be more wonderful than visiting a place which has ample space to get high-end bikes, swimming pool, party area, and off-course the delicious cuisine.

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Royal Enfield Garage Cafe, Goa

How can you miss this place while wandering on the roads of Goa? Have a great time with courteous staff and lip-smacking food.

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So, guys, the next time you are on a motorbike ride with your friends or even if alone, do not forget to stop by a motorbike cafe. Simply park your bike next to the cafe and spend a breathtaking time with a bottle of beer while crunching some delicious cuisine with your motorbike community.

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