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Motorbike Care: Pre-Winter Tips

Have you ever experienced extreme wastage of time and money at the garage for your two-wheeler repair during the winter seasons? Well, vehicles, especially two-wheelers such as scooters, motorbikes, etc., have a normal tendency of getting stuck in the winter season. The issues may be poor oiling, extra pressure on the wheels, or other reasons. However, there are ways to avoid this and instead enjoy the beauty of nature during the winter season.

If you follow proper procedures and two-wheeler care tips, then you can enjoy long rides on their bikes during the winter season instead of sitting in garages for hours.

Following are some essential and recommended pre-winter motorbike tips followed by well-known riders in the motorbike community to keep their two-wheeler in proper check before the winter season begins.

Remove all the dirt and substances from the exterior parts of the motorbike

Get rid of all the dirt and unwanted substances from the exterior parts of the motorbike before the winter season. During the winter season, the weather changes can cause some unwanted changes in the bike parts. In such a condition, if these unwanted materials are stuck there, then the working of the motorbike becomes disturbed.

Check the lubrication of all the moving parts of the motorbike

If you ever contact a motorbiker and ask them about the maintenance of bikes, then the first thing that will pop up is lubrication. If the moving parts of a motorbike fail to work, then the whole impressive bike structure becomes useless. Therefore, checking the lubrication of the moving parts of a motorbike before the winter season is crucial for sure.

Fill your fuel tank and use a fuel stabilizer

Prioritize fuel stabilizers before the winter season and fill the fuel tank. This act will not allow air to enter the tank, and the fuel flow will not be interrupted.

Replace filters and oil without fail

You must replace all the filters and the motorbike oil before the winter season for a constant and smooth & constant running of the bike not only in one season but throughout the year.

Keep the battery charged throughout the winter season

Charge your motorbike battery constantly throughout the winter season to avoid any halt or air gap in the bike. It will run smoothly and regularly as in the other seasons of the year.

Use the side stand to remove the tire weights frequently

Use the side stand more frequently instead of the middle stand to ensure that all the weight is released from the tires and remain active and airtight for the whole winter season.

Choke up the air and exhaust pipes with scarves or mufflers

Choke the air and exhaust pipes with scarves and mufflers to create sound pressure inside the bike and prevent winter breeze and air from entering these pipes into the motorbike. If winter air enters the motorbike, it will cause clogging of oil present in the bike, which is not suitable. So, choke the pipes of the bikes for some time before the start and during the winter season.

Buy a good quality motorbike cover and use wax to prepare your bike for winter

Motorbike cover should be bought for your bike right before the winter season starts. Also, while purchasing a cover, make sure that it is loose and not bike-tight because of compression during the winter season. If you buy a tight cover, it will squeeze the seat and other parts of the motorbike. So, use a little loose cover for your bikes before the start of the winter season.

These pre-winter tips for your two-wheeler will help:

  • Your buddy race with time, even in the winter season.
  • You will save emptying your pockets, which would otherwise waste on the maintenance and repairing your two-wheeler in a garage.
  • You can maintain a good balance with your vehicles during the winter season.
  • You will save a lot of your time and energy.

Therefore, adopt the above proper motorbike maintenance tips if you want to have wintertime full of fun & enjoyment with your motorbikes.

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