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Motorbike or Scooter: Which One Suits you More?

Commuting has never been boring after the introduction of two-wheeler in our life. These vehicles have facilitated traveling and improved commuting experience. In short, two-wheelers are reigning at the heart of every person.

The high populated countries like India and China have a large two-wheeler community. Today, the two-wheeler industry is in full swing, with more and more people adopting electric engine. In the coming time, motorbike share can cross to a humungous $94 million by 2025 as per the market research company ‘P&S Intelligence.’

Now, indubitably, many people prefer motorbike for a long journey and always choose scooter for commuting. The fact can be different for some people because men love bikes, and the majority of women feel comfortable riding scooters.

However, you should consider some facts to know what can be best for you. It is not so hard to decide what you like, but valuing points can help you in making the right decision.

Hence, in this article, we shall share some vital information related to motorbikes and scooters.


The distance you have to cover daily with your vehicle must be taken into account while choosing between motorbike and scooter. Motorcycles offer an excellent experience for long journeys, and scooters are comfortable when you are a stay at home person. You may like covering small distances with a scooter.

Easy to Learn

Can you tell which one of them is easy to learn to ride?

Mostly, people will answer scooter, and it is true. However, it does not mean that motorbikes are hard to learn. The popularity of scooters was more during the old days. Nowadays, it’s common to see bikes crossing the roads than scooters. You have to learn the art of shifting gears in motorcycles. It’s as easy as pie after gaining some experience of riding scooters. Therefore, newbie and young riders must prefer scooters for their benefit.


Without thinking much, we can say that scooters are easy to maintain, and their owners know this quite well. However, you should avoid riding scooters for a long journey because they lack a powerful engine, and long rides will increase the need for maintenance. Your scooter may end up with a few damaged parts. Motorbikes demand high maintenance a lot but provide higher value for your money.


The engines of motorbike are more massive in comparison to scooters. Typically, scooters sport 50cc to 150cc engine. Motorbikes engines are of higher ranges, and some superbikes go beyond 1000cc, which makes them the best choice for two-wheeler riders. Although scooters’ engines are less powerful, some models run at a fantastic speed.


Scooters are lightweight, hence they can’t manage to very high speed. Also, riding scooter in heavy traffic is risky due to amateur drivers. There is always a chance of severe accidents and injuries to you. Motorbikes are capable of dealing with heavy traffic. However, in some congested places, it can create a problem if you don’t have the habit of riding slow. The distance between the tires and wheels allows scooters to handle low speed quite effectively. Therefore, if you are always in a hurry, then motorbikes are tremendous, or else, you know what you should purchase.


The present condition of the two-wheeler industry is challenging. Slow the world economy, recent pandemic, trade war, and other uncontrollable reasons led to the fall of price.

Yet, scooters are a cheaper option from the beginning.


As you all know, every rider needs to have two-wheeler insurance of their vehicle to avoid future problems. The coverage of scooter is way cheaper. The motorbike insurance rate goes up depending on the type of your model. High-end bike insurance will be costlier.

Well, fellas, finding the winner is impossible. It all depends on your purpose, maintenance, speed, and other factors. The one which feels comfy to ride will suit you. However, do not contribute to pollution when you have pollution-free options for electric vehicles. Also, keep up with the time-to-time servicing of your two-wheeler.

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