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Motorbike Photography Tips

Who wouldn’t want to cherish the memories of their beloved motorbike for a lifetime? I am sure each one of you would love to after all photographs are the best way to collect and recall the moments later in your life.

But do you know how to implement the best shot with your own photography? Well, if you are a starter or your wish to try your hands on motorbike photography is lingering on for some time then we have some motorbike photography tips that will help you take the perfect shot.

So, without much ado, let us delve into the world of motorbikes photography.

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Most of us simply follow a standard method of a sitting or a standing posture beside our motorbikes irrespective of the location and the background. However, there is a lot more that goes into capturing some excellent motorbike shots.

  • The Cloudy Climate is more attractive for motorbike photos when compared to direct sunlight. But, it is different for different motorbikes depending on their color.
  • One important thing to note is that sunlight along with lens, paint, and brightness has a bad effect on photos.
  • Try to avoid sunlight greenery scenes for your photography as it might create a dull and dying environment. Instead prefer a rash ground, a tunnel with a wide focus that can cover the full aperture of the motorbike including the background.
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Have a closer look at the above photograph. Isn’t it impressive?

Well, it’s not rocket science and you can also shoot these kinds of photographs with the help of a good shutter and several exposure options.

  • Another major tip would be to get close to your motorbike and get a clear view of your two-wheeler parts like engine, components, gears, etc. A black and white photo of this style will look wonderful. Although it might seem an old technique, I can assure that it is an unbeatable one.
  • You can try and take side-on-shots, play on angles, vertical and horizontal alignments. This will help you to bring your focus to a perfect frame. You should also concentrate on the aperture for a deep field shallow and shadow effects.
  • If your photograph is not up to your level of expectation, simply edit it in Photoshop application. You can include light painting, HDR effects, matte motions and even position alignments.
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Now some tips on background enhancement

You all must be aware that background plays a major role in every photo. For a perfect shot, you do need an amazing background. Same is the case for a motorbike shot.

  • A great tip to make the background visually attractive and robust is to set a location of bad weather with cloudy and dusty effects that will result in iconic motorbike Somewhat like the picture above. Doesn’t it look superb?
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  • Another attractive effect for motorbike photography can be to use the night effects. The dark background for your motorbike will give a stunning appearance to your motorbike and make it stand out. You can then enhance the shot using color, blur effects and motion effects.
  • You can use your camera to capture motion effects while on a motorbike ride like the motion blur option for better a zoom. It boosts the picture quality with adjustable exposure and shades.

With the right set of camera, lens and the right angle to shoot, you can have the best photographs for your motorbike. There are many riders in the Indian motorbike community who love to photograph while traveling and share their experience on social media. Additionally, I must say that photography is fast becoming a major profession with high prospects in motorbike jobs market.

So, in case you haven’t yet, fetch a high-end camera and start practicing right away for your next ride or a moment with your motorbike. Who knows, you may be the next sensation in motorbike photography!



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