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My Solo Trip Experience on a Motorbike

I set off on an ambitious solo motorcycle adventure to the North-East of India. It was my first single trip, and I wanted to explore new things, new places, and cultures.

Well, one of the exciting things for a bike rider is long-distance off-road traveling. The thrilling experience pumps your heart faster, and most above, it gives you immense pleasure. I may not be aware of the road condition, but the challenges motivate me and make me stronger.

When the fresh morning breeze, empty roads, and unexplored destination fills my heart with joy, I want to keep riding and wish it never ends.

The freedom you feel when the tires hit the rocks on the uneven roads is excellent.

So, my ten-day trip was for North-East India. The unimaginable beauty of Assam, Meghalaya, and Nagaland are perfect for a breathtaking experience.

I boarded the flight from New Delhi and reached Guwahati by afternoon, where my journey for the solo ride began. Dealing with the environment has always been a challenge for riders.

I first took my journey towards the darshan of Maa Kamakhya Temple for a healthy start.  The heat, dust, uneven roads become a part of your trip. The scarcity of proper food takes the game to the next level.

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Moving forward and enjoying the experience of Ahomi cuisine, I reached Kaziranga on the second day. The early morning ride in Asian Highway 1 is scenic. It is a stretch of 200 Km, which takes 4 hours to reach Kaziranga.

After a short lunch, I moved forward to the Kaziranga National Park, a world heritage site, supports two-thirds of the world’s greatest one-horned Rhinoceros.

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Riding through the highest density of tigers was a thrilling experience for me. I can’t explain my condition in that situation. My heartbeat was loud; the energy was full, and riding through this sight was difficult.

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After a quick nap at the resort for a few hours, I moved forward to Majuli Island. The 452 Km, Majuli Island, is the land of freshwater. It is hauntingly scenic with beautiful green rice fields near the sandbanks of the Brahmaputra river. While riding, you will get the vision of hundreds of species of birds and purple meadows of hyacinth blossoms. It gives peace of mind, and you feel near to Mother Nature.

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On the fifth day, I rode for five hours of 135kms to Mokochug. The spectacular view of Naga Hills and lush green valleys gave me immense pleasure. I loved riding along with the clean village roads inhabited with characters of customs, language, and dress.

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My 6th and the 7th-day trip covered Kohima, the land enthralled by culture, dance, music, art, cuisine, and lots more. I rode for 5 hours to cover 150 km then stopped for lunch. It is a land of folklore and festivals which passed down the generations through word of mouth. The luxurious heritage Complex at Kisama gives an insight into a cluster of sixteen houses from each tribe known as “Morung.”

Kohima has both weird and impressive varieties of food, smoked or grilled as per your choice, pork, fish, beef, leafy vegetable stews, and many more. It is a place in India where you can even eat insects, worm, or dog meat. Experiencing this fantastic cuisine with delicious sticky rice gives a mouth-watering flavor—the odd place also servers a few north Indian dishes with limited choice.

I reached quite late in the morning to Dimapur, which is an 80 Km ride. Though the under-construction road and rain made my journey difficult still the ancient city is worth visiting. You will find enthusiastic architecture in Chumukedima Village and Diezephe Craft village.

After spending the night in Dimapur, I started my trip towards Shillong. It is a 350 km ride with a great view of hills and valley. Shillong, also known as the Scotland of India, has a good nightlife with bars and cafes. Riding through the Living Root Bridge near Mawlynnong village was fantastic-one of the cleanest village in Asia.

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The fresh and unbelievably water of Umngot River will fascinate you. Dining out at local eating in Shillong is a must. On my way back, I saw the Elephanta Falls and stopped over the Rock & Bike Café.

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Finally, after an exciting 10-day fun time, it was time for me to bid farewell with a heavy heart.

Undoubtedly, the mesmerizing trip of North-East India will always remain in my heart, more so as this was my first solo trip.

The total tour, apart from flight tickets, cost me Rs.70,000 and was worth it.

So, have you planned your first solo trip on motorbike yet?

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