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Need for Speed Plus Potholes: Want to Be the Next Victim?

Driving a high-speed bike is the dream of all bikers but when we are talking about driving the vehicle safely, absolute high-speed can be seriously dangerous. This is especially for biking in India. If you take the basic condition of roads in the country, you can well understand why the speed can become dangerous. The speed at which you dream to drive is only possible in specifically built roads and the publicity regarding speed from different motorbike manufacturers that we see are simply not meant to happen in the roads we have here. Indian bikers seem to concentrate in the specification regarding the engine strength and speed factors of the vehicle and forget about the roads where they will have to drive.

Motorbike Safety: family crashed on a bike
Indian family in a bike crash. Image Courtesy:

Statistics reveal that the number of bike accidents (including deaths and injuries) is increasing day by day and the majority of such accidents are results of simple over-speeding. One has to be cautious about the surface where the vehicle is running and the type of locality as most of the over-speed bike crashes happen either due to collision resulting for being unable to control the speed when any other vehicle suddenly comes in front of the vehicle or due to being unable to control the vehicle’s speed in damaged roads.

The statistics clearly states that more than 1.4 lakh people died in bike crashes in 2014 and this number is 3 percent higher as compared to the statistics of 2013. Hence, it is high time that we bikers need to check our speed to put a check to the death-toll and keep ourselves safe.

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Don’t you think that this is alarming? This statistics shows how risky your life is while riding your bike. If you are sensible, if you think about yourself and your family then this Statistics will keep you away from reckless riding. Start following safety rules of bike riding. Inspire other bikers to follow safety rules. Be a role model of safety bike riding.

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