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New Launch – Benelli Keeway 250 CC Cruiser

One of the best-known European motorbikes comes from Italy, the frontrunner in design and styling. The other comes from Germany, the heartland of R & D and engineering. But then there are motorbikes with a combination of looks and performance, like beauty with brains. Keeway, a subsidiary of Benelli, has come up with such a perfect combination with the launch of its K Light 250V, a cruiser category motorbike.


Keeway motorbikes started manufacturing in Hungary, and their journey started somewhere in the 1990s. It is part of the Benelli franchise, now taken over by the Chinese motorbike manufacturer, the Qiangjiang group. Across Europe, Keeway has maintained a leadership position in the motorbike markets. It has also been able to capture the motorbike markets in North & South America, and now with its presence in India and China, they have been able to give serious competition to all global motorbike brands.

Features and Specifications

  • The latest from Benelli Keeway is their K Light 250 V, a super-duper cruiser motorbike and front runner in its sexy looks and modern styling to appeal to the new generation of motorbike buyers.
  • It’s the only cruiser motorbike with a dual cylinder engine and a belt drive system to produce high-performance output. This gives the rider the required thump, throttle, and power while riding on rugged terrains.

  • The K Light 250V is powered by a 250 CC engine that produces 19 BHP at 9000 rpm and the highest torque of 19Nm at 5000 rpm. A class of its own in the mid-segment cruiser motorbike.
  • The rider can genuinely feel the power under the hood while riding this mean machine, the Benelli Keeway K Light 250V.
  • This motorbike comes with dual channel ABS with disc brakes on the front and back wheels to give the highest standard of safety and reliability to the motorbike rider.
  • The K Light 250V perfectly balances looks, styling, performance, and ergonomics. As a result, the rider never gets stressed while taking his motorbike for a spin on city roads or long cross-country tours.

  • The riding is comfortable in the Benelli Keeway K Light 250 V with heavy-duty shock absorbers in telescopic fashion on both the front and rear part of the motorbike frame.
  • These hydraulics suspensions take the worst of shocks and jerks on pot-holed city roads or mud-infested jungle pathways.

  • The Benelli Keeway K Light 250 V has a macho look and a comfortable rider position for best-in-class riding conditions.
  • The headlamps and very powerful and fitted with high luminescence LED light designed to give the classic round encapsulated look.
  • The body of the K Light 250 V gives a lean and modern look with curtailed tail at the rear and its fenders fitted on the swing arm.

  • The Benelli Keeway K Light 250 V has a humongous fuel tank with a 20-liter capacity providing the motorbike rider stress-free long rides across the city or even on a cross-country tour without the tension of frequent fuel stops at the petrol pumps stations.


The Benelli Keeway K Light 250 V comes in an array of beautiful colors, matte blue, dark grey, and matt black.


At Rs. 2. 90 lakhs it is a steal for any modern-day motorbike community enthusiast for cross-country journeys.

So, go for the Benelli Keeway K Light 250 V motorbike if you want a stylized icon with powerful performance.

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