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New Launch : Hero Motocorp

As the year-end approaches, all the motorbike companies take stock of their motorbike sales and prepare for a new year ahead. One of the most trusted names in Indian motorbike manufacturing is the Hero Motocorp, and they have been at it for more than three decades. They are coming up with a newer model built with cutting-edge technology to appeal to the GenX motorbike riders and the motorbike community in general.

Hero Motocorp has made up its mind to create a big bang in the motorbike market with the launch of its new-age motorbikes. An explosion of power performance and dynamic looks appealing to the younger motorbike riders habituated to seeing international brands and their sportier motorbike. Here are three new motorbikes to launch in late 2021 and spill over to 2022.

Hero XF3R

  • This new-age sports motorbike, the Hero XF3R, will be launched sometime in May 2022 at a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 1.20 Lakhs to Rs.1.50 Lakhs.
  • The Hero XF3R will have a heavy-duty 300 CC engine with 6-speed manual transmission for better control and maneuverability -a powerful motorbike with raw power at 28 BHP.

The XFR3 was launched as a concept motorbike with great fanfare back in 2016 at the Delhi Auto Expo to grab the eyeballs of the motorbike community due to a lot of premium features to showcase it as a new-age motorbike. Some highlighted features are:

  • A single side swing arm.
  • Inverted front fork suspension for better grip.
  • A smoother ride.
  • Plus, a robust and macho trellis frame gives the motorbike a dynamic look.

Earlier, the Hero XF3R was supposed to be a 200 CC motorbike but decided to come with Xtreme and Xpulse range of motorbike in the same class; the authorities decided to launch XF3R in the 300 CC classic super motorbike category.

  • This motorbike will now have a liquid-cooled fuel injection type engine with better displacement and ABS as a standard offering.
  • Also, to appeal to the newer motorbike riders, it will have two riding options to switch between standard and sporty modes.

The rumors of the launch of this powerful motorbike are somewhere in May of 2022. It will give tough competition to its peers and grab a sizeable market share in the higher-end and heavy engine category.

Hero Xtreme 200R 

  • The Hero Xtreme 200R is a combination of traditional and sports motorbikes.
  • This powerhouse of a motorbike comes with a 200 CC Oil cooled engine 13.3KW power fitted with 130mm rear and 250mm front radial tire for better grip and maneuverability.

Some of its highlighted features are:

Aerodynamic Looks

The Hero Xtreme 200R appeals to the GenX motorbike riders who prefer the aerodynamic look and a sporty design.

Powerful LED Headlamps 

The Hero Xtreme 200R comes with a dual-LED headlamp at the front so powerful that one can ride even through the dangerous jungle terrain.

Fully Digital Console

  • With a fully digital console on its sport handlebar, this motorbike gives the rider information on speed, distance, fuel consumption, and mileage.
  • It provides alerts using its smart connectivity functionality.
  • With its sync capabilities, the motorbike rider can stay connected over Bluetooth and his smartphone.
  • The digital console also provides turn by turn real-time navigation, so you never feel lost on the city roads.
  • The motorbike also provides incoming call alerts on its digital LCD screen for the rider to take calls and be safe during his ride.

Sporty Exhaust

Though a mid-ranged sport motorbike, its exhaust is compact, keeping in line with its dynamic looks and stellar performance to enhance its riding experience.

Powerful Engine

  • The Hero Xtreme 200R has its patented and indigenously designed xSense 200 CC oil-cooled engine, which packs powerful performance and gives the rider a smooth and stress-free ride across any terrain.
  • The xSense is a combination of 14 sensors working in tandem to give an effortless ride experience.

Disc Brakes with ABS 

The Hero Xtreme 200R comes fitted with large twin disc brakes ( 250 mm at the front and 130 mm at the rear ) and ABS as a standard offering. A perfect sports motorbike with absolute control.

7 Step Adjustable Mono-Shock

The Hero Xtreme 200R has a 7 step adjustable setting for its mono-shock suspension to give its rider better control and stability while riding on rough roads.

Radial Tires

  • Like any sports motorbike, the Hero Xtreme 200 R comes with wide radial tires with a configuration 130 mm width for better grip and balance on pot-holed city roads and a smooth-riding experience on rough jungle roads while riding cross country.
  • The Hero Xtreme 200R will launch in Dec 2021 or early 2022 at a price point of Rs. 93k to Rs 1 Lakhs to attract the newer motorbike buyers.

Hero Leap Hybrid SES 

  • To counter the threat of electric scooters from the likes of Ola and Ather, Hero will be launching its hybrid scooter by the end of next year, around December 2022.
  • The price point for its launch will be between 75k to 1 lakhs in keeping with the competition. This electric scooter was highlighted as a concept bike at the 2014 Auto Expo as an indigenously designed and engineered hybrid motorbike.
  • The Hero Leap Hybrid SES comes fitted with an 8 kW permanent magnet motor or PMAC as its main feature.
  • The powered lithium-ion batteries rated at 60Nm torque give the rider enough power to cruise on city roads on a single charge.
  • The 10 BHP engine is low on power but does not compromise its performance for an electric scooter.
  • Charging this motorbike is as simple as plugging it into the standard home wall socket. No additional adapters are required other than those provided by the manufacturer.
  • This motorbike also has a petrol engine of 124 CC fitted to a 3-liter fuel tank to take care of during long rides connected to a generator to produce electricity to power the lithium-ion batteries and extend their power till they are charged again at a charging station.

Hero Motocoprp declared that this range-extending feature makes its e-scooter an authentic hybrid motorbike and can increase its longevity of the ride by 4X.

  • With the power to rev up to 100Kmph speed, this motorbike comes with Brembo dual-piston disc brakes for a safe and controlled ride.
  • The Leap Hybrid will have power LED headlamps at the center of the handlebar in the front.
  • High-performance LED lamps will provide a high beam feature to cut any darkness on unlit roads.

The launch date is yet to formalize due to Hero’s in-house R&D department’s complex technology involved and fine tunning still being carried out by Hero’s in-house R&D department. But when this motorbike launches, it is sure to burn the roads and capture the imagination of every motorbike fan.

So as a faithful motorbike community member, let’s wait and watch this space for the new age motorbike from the house of Hero Motocorp. A wait worth its weight in gold.

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