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New Launch : HF 100, The Most Affordable Hero Motorcycle

Hero MotoCorp from the house of Munjal is not only India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer but is an acclaimed top motorbike manufacturer across the globe. Even after their split with the Japanese automotive giant Honda, Hero MotoCorp made a mark for itself in the two-wheeler industry regarding market share and brand loyalty.

Their CDSS and Splendor brands have been the most successful motorbikes to date and still have a wide fan following among the two-wheeler buyers. These bikes have had a long run of nearly two decades due to their indigenous design, cost-effective price, and most of all, fuel efficiency. The later variants of the CDSS and Splendor with futuristic designs and vibrant colors appealed to the GenX buyers.

Now comes HF 100, the latest from this trusted two-wheeler manufacturer. Here are some noteworthy features and information for the motorbike community to help them decide on their next purchase.

Motorbike Model – HF 100

Engine Capacity – 97CC

Mileage – 65kmpl

As recent as March 2021, Hero MotoCorp came up with its latest launch, the HF100 as a new contender in the entry-level motorbike category. Its sub 50k price point makes it an attractive proposition for any new motorbike buyer in the country today. This makes it the most affordable motorbike available in the Indian two-wheeler market as of today. The motorbike though economically priced does not cut corners on its features and safe ride-ability.


This new entrant from Hero MotoCorp comes with alloy wheels and tubeless tires. It does not boast of any electric start as a basic model, a standard feature of all other Hero motorcycles.

  • The Hero HF 100 is a bike with raw energy and basic looks, with no chrome finish or extra trims.
  • The look is kept rustic, with black being the overpowering color, making this bike a lean, mean fighting machine on the urban roads.
  • The body rail is simplistic with the use of a metal tube at the rear end.


  • The HF 100 comes with single cylinder fuel injected technology for full power, enhanced by its air-cooled design.
  • It has an economic capacity of 97CC. With a sub 100CC category, the engine produces an adequate torque of 8.05Nm at 6000rpm up to 7.9bhp at 8000rpm.
  • This bike comes integrated with a robust four-speed gearbox for better control on city roads.


  • The Hero HF 100 is designed for greater fuel efficiency using the intelligent technology of its start-stop mechanism powered by its i3S unique feature. It has a better and higher fuel efficiency as compared to any other motorbike in its competition.
  • The indigenously designed fuel-injected engine gives the Hero HF100 smooth power delivery and incredible throttle response for the power-crazy bike rider.

  • The Hero HF100 comes with a small but solid-shaped 9.6 liters fuel tank. Its raised handlebar design appeals to the current crop of motorbike fans.
  • The seat is a classic single piece keeping in with the traditional structure of all entry-level bikes.
  • The HF100 comes with a bit of great detailing in its accessories department. A powerful halogen headlamp, a pair of visually enhanced tail lamps, and turn signal indicators give the motorbike better safety even after sundown.
  • It also features crash protectors, an integrated visor, and concealed chain cover for rider comfort and more excellent protection.

  • For a smooth and jerk-free ride, the Hero HF 100 comes with a telescopic suspension at the front end and an adjustable shock absorber at the rear end. This extra little feature gives the biker a much-needed riding comfort on the pot-holed city roads and saves him from exhaustion during the long un-ending journey through the usual traffic snarls. Kudos to that Hero MotoCorp.
  • The Hero HF 100 also boasts disc brakes as a standard feature via its 130mm disc’s on both its wheels. Additional safety comes with its combined braking system.
  • Its alloy wheels come with tubeless tires in keeping with the latest trends.

Thus, to conclude, the Hero HF 100 is the most affordable motorbike in the Indian two-wheeler market today. Its minimalistic design, powerful features, and enhanced safety make it’s the best entry-level motorcycle—a true black beauty.

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