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Now, You Will Get Only BIS Certified Helmet Made and Sold in India

Although it is a piece of news that dates back to the memories of 2020, it is more critical and is yet to implement in 2021. Have no idea what am I speaking about here?

If you are a two-wheeler rider or a racer, you would have been aware of such an introduction. On November 27, 2020, the Government of India announced that only BIS qualified helmets would contrive and sell in India, paving the way to ban low-quality two-wheeler helmets. You can know more by scrolling down.

What is BIS?

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is India’s National Standard body introduced under the BIS Act 2016 for the tuneful actions progress like class guarantee, marking, and standard. Such standards are a must for goods or matters concerned with incidental to it. When it comes to the state market phase, BIS offers traceability and tangibility profit in numerous ways. Thus, reducing the health hazards to the users or customers. Finally, BIS takes control over several phases of an explosion, like testing, certification, and standardization. Headquartered in New Delhi, BIS has five regional offices.

A few activities from the list of BIS taken over interests are:

  • Laboratory services
  • Product certification scheme
  • Sale of Indian standards
  • Information services
  • Consumer affairs activities

Motorbike accidents report in India

As we are talking about two-wheelers helmets and protective measures in this article, let’s take a look at the survey on what has made the path to such order or decision. Globally, traffic collisions and mishaps are frequent in India, where 40% of incidents account for trucks and motorbikes. The reason behind such casualties owes to be the four-lane, non-access controlled N.H. roads, negligence, and not wearing of gear or proper helmet. Research or report says that four people die in India every hour as they don’t wear a helmet while significant injuries due to low-quality helmets.

Although steeper fines and penalties are in prevalence, DIU made analytics and found that most of the road accidents to date reveal that two-wheelers take the worst hit. The information of 2017 with 48, 746 accidents is the uppermost proof of two-wheeler riders not wearing a helmet.

Only BIS helmets to be made and sold in India

As you are now aware of BIS and why the Government is placing such an order, let’s look at it in detail here. The use of low-quality helmets results in a breakdown that can penetrate the head, causing severe issues. Hence keeping it in accordance and the main motto of protecting riders from deadly injuries, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways stated, “For two-wheelers, only BIS-certified helmets are to be made, sold in India” on November 27, 2020.

Believing this as the stepping stone to avoid cheap helmets within the state, the Ministry issued the “Helmet for Riders of Two Wheelers Motor Vehicles (Quality Control) Order, 2020” successfully. Before the formulation of this decision, a committee as per “The Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety” tested the lighter helmets in terms of climatic change and other protective factors.

Specialists from diverse categories, doctors from AIIMS, and BIS people were a piece of the team where after a thoroughly detailed list in March 2018, the Ministry time-honored the report. Now, BIS has revised the terms to be probable from the lighter helmets and pointed out that India’s total two-wheelers stand at 1.7 crores.

An important note is, “The International Road Federation,” a Geneva-based universal road protection body, appreciated such movement of making the BIS system obligatory. Additionally, K.K. Kapila, president emeritus, added, “The trade of non-BIS certified helmets will be taken as crime once the notice comes into action.”

It is a smart and protective move for the two-wheeler rider’s safety but cannot be successful without your support. So, all of you in the motorbike community, make sure you have BIS-certified helmets to make your ride both fun and safe at the same time.

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