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Quin Helmets – Enjoy Ground-breaking Safety With Style

What is the purpose of a helmet? Well, you would say safety of course apart from saving yourself a challan from the traffic police in India. Now, what if we said you could have a Bluetooth connected motorbike helmet which can be a life saver in case of a collision and add to your fashion statement also? Sounds exciting enough?

Quin Helmets - Enjoy Ground-breaking Safety With Style

Well, the Indian motorbike community will be pleasantly startled with the new range of smart helmets called Quin.

Quin helmets are manufactured by Quinessential Design which is headquartered in Minnesota, USA and Hyderabad, India. Its founder Anirudha Surabhi is also known for the Kranium Paper Helmet which was used in Formula 1.

This is a start-up which launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter and received almost twice the funding in a mere 48-hour time-frame. Check out their Kickstarter page.

Quin Helmets - Enjoy Ground-breaking Safety With Style

Wow, now that’s an achievement!

The vision and the global reach of this company are clearly visible from the kind of response it got in just 2 days of their campaign launch. They have over 170+ backers from all around the world who are just waiting to get a hand on this state-of-the-art technology helmet. Quin has already been featured on global publications like Highspeed Magazine, Motorcyclist, The Drive, CNBC and many more. Quin has also been the talk of the town with actor Akhil Akkineni and three time national racing champion Anindith Reddy talking about it on twitter and various other social media platforms.

Quin Helmets - Enjoy Ground-breaking Safety With Style

Quin helmets are a safety solution to all world-wide motorbikers who do not want to compromise even a bit on style as well as safety. Motorbiking is all about speed and beauty and the Quin helmet is the icing on the cake with its inbuilt technology and advanced aerodynamic features that boast of plentiful styling gears. It is the only fully-loaded helmet with in-built SOS beacon and crash detection technology. These motorcycle safety helmets are designed to detect any force above 100G in case of a crash and signal the rider’s emergency contacts through GPS.

Quin Helmets - Enjoy Ground-breaking Safety With Style

Let us get to know a bit more about the features that Quin helmets bring in for all motorbike enthusiasts.

  • Automatic Crash Detection Signalling;
  • Live tracking if rider needs help;
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth for smooth connectivity;
  • Sleek in design yet effective technology with aerodynamics;
  • Wear and tear resistance with luxury soft look and experience;
  • Water proof with luxury quilted lining to enhance rich usability;
  • Aerodynamically designed ventilation system;
  • UV rays protection with various prompt assistance features;
  • Emergency positioning with SOS beacon;
  • Certified Shock absorption technology.

Well, those are some top-class safety features offered by Quin. However, that’s not all; there is more to the Quin helmets.

Quin Helmets - Enjoy Ground-breaking Safety With Style

Imagine you are on a busy road listening to music and you get an emergency call. Quin helmets with its smart design and invisible circuitry will take care of all your connectivity issues so you can simply focus on your ride.

That’s just like owning a helmet with artificial intelligence, isn’t it mind-blowing?

Quin Helmets - Enjoy Ground-breaking Safety With Style

You would be glad to know that the Quin team will continue to work with great zeal to introduce new smarter features to all its existing and new users. Quin, at the moment, is starting off with 6 styles of their 3 awesome looking motorbike helmets which include two full-face and one open face helmets. Their full face flagship helmet is the lightest in the market weighing just 1270g.

Well, we are not finished just yet.

Quin Helmets - Enjoy Ground-breaking Safety With Style

Quin helmets have their own Quip app with which you can create social groups, share your ride details with family or friends, plan your next journey, share your photos and do a lot more. So you can have a small Quin motorbike community of your own.

Must be exciting, I am sure!

Innovation, lifestyle, and safety is what Quintessential Helmets bring on the table for motorbike lovers.

True isn’t it!

We, at Motorbikes India are super excited to introduce this high-class safety gear. Quin Helmet will be launched soon and will be at a store near you. So, just be patient till August/September this year when they have their first lot ready for delivery.

Looking for more? Stay tuned and watch out this space for an exciting give away!

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