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Rever – Your All Round Travel Companion

It is a known fact that the motorbike community whether in India or anywhere in the world has always been socially active and commuted mostly in groups. These motorbike rides, however, were never captured live or even planned as people were oblivious to the digital world.

Now, with changing times, motorbike riders have become technology driven. They love to form groups, pre-plan their route and record all their activities to share with the wider audience on social media platforms.

Thus, app developers have come up with motorbike apps and today, we shall be talking about one such app called Rever.

Rever is an all-in-one app which does a lot more than just social interaction and acts as a Motorbike Journey Manager, Planner and Navigator.

For clarity, I will divide the Rever activity into three sections: Pre- Journey, during and Post- Journey.

Pre-Journey: Customise your journey through Butler Maps, locate condition of roads and plan with friends.

During Journey: Rever will inform you about the best route, share your (location, experience, photos) and also send security alerts during an emergency.

Post-Journey: Get notifications on how much you travelled, check previous rides, and share your details on social media.

Not only this, Rever comes with an auto sensor which can check if the motorbike is running or not. So, in case you halt (over 1 minute), the app automatically pauses and resumes only once you restart your journey.

Rever - Your All Round Travel Companion

Now that we know a bit about this app, let us take a look at some of the main aspects of Rever and how they can be useful for the Indian motorbike community.

  • Rever as your companion: Rever comes with a set of tools that lets you keep track of distance covered, speed reached, places visited and all other geo-location related task.
    • Track your ride: track all the routes covered with only GPS. No data charge no cellular network needed.
    • Capture the moment: Click photos and Rever will Geo-Tag it for you.
    • Offline maps: No internet? Forget the data with the offline map feature
    • A ride with the gang: Keep live tracks of your friends while travelling to your next destination
    • Safety notification: Safety on road is a critical aspect for any rider and Rever makes sure that your loved ones have a tab on you in case of emergency.
    • Butler Map: Butler maps are your way to find that new adventurous path to the same old destination, or you can just plan a dirt bike adventure whenever you want.
    • Get Social: Get to know what your friends are up to and catch on the latest adventure activity in your locality.
  • Rever as your web guide: If the app is your travel companion then Rever’s website is your complete guide master. This is a perfect place to start a travel plan, read about other people’s experience, and set out for the adventure. Let’s see how the website helps to set the perfect adventure.
    • Plan your trip: Incorporate with Butler maps. You can now plan your adventure on paved as well as on dirt road. What’s more? Get an instant suggestion from the map for the best route.
    • Customised GPS route: When done with planning, download the. gpx file to your dedicated device for unlimited fun.
    • Sync your adventure: Upload the. gpx file from your device to keep a track of all the activities.
    • Get a review: View your friends’ activity and share your experience about your adventure through reviews.

Features are definitely unbelievable, but how about the price?

For starters, Rever has a basic account and for the real adventure lovers, the premium account gives a head start with loads of features that you will love to use.

Here is a comparison between basic and premium pack.

Rever - Your All Round Travel Companion

Rever also comes with a safety feature that can link the SMS feature for concerned people.

What’s more? You also get an excellent opportunity to play and win exciting challenges.

Definitely, with so many sophisticated features Rever is bound to become the next generation app.

Motorbike riders are one of the most active communities and they represent the spirit of a nation. It is important that such community gets the best of the technology to explore and discover off-beat roads, and unseen places. I am in awe of this excellent app and will definitely download it for my future trips. How about you?

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