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Review : Triumph Street Triple R India

Making adventurous moments on a motorbike is a beautiful mind-blowing experience that everyone wishes to experience at least once in their lifetime. Motorbikes fill the vacuum for two-wheeler enthusiasts like you and me across the world.

So, if you too are looking to make your ride more thriller and adventurous, we have the finest option of Triumph Street Triple R on the list today.

Triumph Motorcycles is the International motorbike community’s active members since 1902 and dedicated to offering its customers the top motorbikes of next-generation TFT connectivity.

Street Triple R marks the core of the Triumph kin with another variant Street triple RS. Street Triple R comes loaded with multiple retrofits and attributes that make it suitable at a price tag of Rs. 8, 84, 000.


You can describe Street Triple R with the belligerent fashion.

  • It proudly showcases unique dual LED headlamps that resemble the eyes of a violent panther and modern framework.
  • The list has still vividly striking updates, novel silencer grading, stylish mirrors, exciting, unique color variations- Sapphire Black and Matt Silver Ice.

When one could ask what sets the motive behind the ride in Street Triple R, the answer is simple.

  • It offers a standard competence with the hard-line mode, enhanced recital due to equipment of leading expertise, rider-focused behavior, and customization over 60 conventional counterparts.

  • When talking about the responsiveness of Street Triple R, it comes outfitted with a 765 cc triple engine type.
  • The Euro 5 compliant engine provides superior receptiveness offering a crispier, polished, and cleaner triple thud that is ready to roar in the Indian roads.


Let me bring some of the salient characteristics of the brand-new Street Triple R, which will amaze you.

  • The LED headlights are of high robustness and low-energy utilization.
  • This street copy from Triumph gets a shift to assist Quickshifter, known to provide a smoother, typical, and contented gear alter mechanism by keeping the accelerator place in control.
  • Keeping the rider’s safety in mind for every road condition, slip & assist clutch is introduced in Street Triple R that offers a lighter hold feat minimizing swing skip and babble when you impose heavy braking.

  • Street Triple R supports triple riding modes, unlike- Road, Rain, and Sport. Unprecedented control, choke retort makes the Triple R fulfill such riding styles in all the conditions.
  • Finally, here comes the gullwing swingarm that balances the torsional firmness a well as the lateral flexibility. Such a mechanism is vital for maintaining steadiness in the high-speed track.


Now, jumping over to the technical arrangement associated with Street Triple R.

  • As a core of its stupendous recital, it is motorized by a 12-valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder engine type developed exclusively by the Moto2 squad.
  • It offers a maximum power of 86.8 kW, torque of 79 Nm, and a wet, multi-plate, slip-assisted clutch along with a 6-speed Triumph shift assist used for transmission.
  • An astounding framework follows the Triple R with aluminum twin-spar where the face and stern helm follows a 5-spoke 17*3.5 in shed aluminum alloy.
  • Besides there are 120/70 ZR17 Showa 41 mm upside down big piston forks with adjustable solidity damping at the facade end and 180/55 ZR17 Showa piggyback reservoir mono-shock, rebound damping at the rear end.
  • For maintaining the motorbike under control, you get Brembo single-piston caliper brakes.

Some must-mention add-ons of the new Street Triple R include:

  • The LCD multi-functional gadget set with a digital speedometer, a jaunt processor, fuel measure, round meter, analog tachometer, gear point display, TPMS set, and timepiece.
  • Street Triple R has a seat altitude of 825 mm and an option of a short sit version with a fuel capacity of 17.4 L.

Thus, if you are an avid motorbike community member and a passionate racer who wishes to add a twist to your boring ride post lockdown, switching to Street Triple R will be a wise choice for you.

So, guys, when are you reaching out to the nearest dealership of Triumph Motorcycles to make this world a Street racer track?

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