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Ride in Cinema: Motorcycle Movies Binge Watch List

Adrenaline packed chase sequences, the nitrous button fetish, the drift at a corner of the street, burnouts, and even ear-deafening exhaust, all these and more will always be an integral part of a biker’s life. Though riding cannot be called a male-oriented activity certainly most men would trace back their riding fantasy coming from a movie.

Coronavirus is still at large but everything is returning back to normal. Though that is not really the prescribed measure a good reason for most of us heading out is the boredom that is eating us up. Most of you might have resorted to watching serials, seasons, mythological dramas like Ramayana and Mahabharat, or even movies. But guess that all too have exhausted by now. Nothing left to do now?  Well, we bring in a binge list of motorcycle-based movies for you. This list is actually a compilation of some iconic Hollywood and Bollywood movies which have the biker life or bikes as an integral part of the whole scenario. So, sit in the saddle and grab some popcorn for the fact that you have a new binge watch list today. Time for lights, camera, and vroom!

Wild Hogs

Want to see some of the funniest bike crashes, then this is the movie to go for. The story of how four middle-aged friends decide to one day just take off to the wide-open American highways and explore the country on their cruisers. What follows this decision is a trail of hilarious situations either the four of them end up creating or fall in. Whether it is a gay encounter with a police officer who keeps tailing them or unknowingly blowing up the crash bar of the gang controlling the highway they are riding on. This is one hell of a laughter riot!



Harley Davidson XL1200C Sportster

Harley Davidson FXSTS Springer Softail

Harley Davidson Fatboy

Supporting Cast:

William H. Macy

John Travolta

Tim Allen

Martin Lawrence


Mumbai is recognized to be one of the busiest cities in the world with some of the longest traffic jams. In a city where there is no space for opening the door of a car if you are standing on a traffic light, how would you pull off a heist? And since you need to evade the network police might throw at you, won’t you need something fast? Like a superbike? How about 4? In fact, this movie is credited to coin the name ‘Hayabusa’ to the level of what it is in India today. Unfortunately, it’s the only Bollywood entrant that featured bikes in a way that influenced a trend. Bollywood, you listening to the crave?



Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Bandit 1200 S

Suzuki GSX-R600

Supporting Cast:

John Abraham

Abhishek Bachchan

Uday Chopra


One of the fashionably newer entries. This is a movie of how two highway police patrol partners solve a drug case which coincidently links to one of the members in their department itself. The upside? the guys leading this case are a duo of a Motocross rider and an undercover FBI agent. The constant loggerheads transition to a modern brotherhood at the end of it. Wanna watch how a BMW R1200RT-P slides on grass? Check this movie out then!




Ducati Hypermotard

Supporting Cast:

Dax Shepard

Michael Peῆa


An exiled man coming back to his town to complete some unfinished business but instead ends up being accused of a murder of a rival bike gang member. How Cary Ford with his girlfriend deal with this situation while a drug dealer adding into the mix is a real adrenaline cinematic experience. Well not exactly by today’s standards but in 2004 it was. Leather suits, skinny leather jeans, bike gangs, and loud exhausts are just very much a monotonous theme for a bike movie but tell us when was the other time you saw a helicopter engined motorcycle create a ruckus in a ridiculous animated action sequence? We all know the answer to this question though!



MTT Turbine Y2K

Supporting Cast:

Martin Henderson
Ice Cube
Monet Mazur
Adam Scott
Matt Schulze
Jaime Pressly
Jay Hernandez
Christina Milian
Fredro Starr

The World’s Fastest Indian

In the era where the world’s fastest land vehicles had started gaining popularity, bikes were still a leap behind for a number of reasons. Bikes were not aerodynamically brilliant and stable to handle the facing and crosswinds. Back in 1920, an open and laid-back New Zealander with the fastest bike in the country and Australia had a dream to visit the United States of America. The story moves from how he managed to catch a cargo ship to Los Angeles and from there to the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Mecca for people with one line in their head, ’Speed is the dream’. Watch how a man with grey hairs went onto achieve a ludicrous land speed record of over 200 mph.



Custom modified 1920 Indian Scout

Supporting Cast: Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins

Though what one must always remember is that no matter how thrilling and adventurous all these might look, practicing any kind of stunts on public roads is not just dangerous for you but equally for everyone else using roads. Avoid rash driving, follow road rules, do not consume any kind of substance or alcohol while or just before riding.

Which of the above movies did you like? Do you have any other mentions to add to the list above? What has been your most loved motorcycle action scene? Smear your thoughts down in the comments below. Ride safe and throttle responsibly.

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