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Rolling Wheels Bikers Club: Touring Club From Kolkata

Rolling Wheels Bikers Club: A Motorcycle Touring Club for the Adventure Loving Bikers of Kolkata

Rolling Wheels Bikers Club photo
Rolling Wheels Bikers Club

Rolling Wheels Bikers Club is the registered organisation in Kolkata, established specifically for the people who are passionate bike riders. The club started its journey in the year 2005 with the dream of uniting motorcycle riders and travellers. The members are proud to carry the legacy of travelling not only in India but abroad as well. The prime motto of the club is to unite the motorcycle riders and at the same time encourage and facilitate motorbike travelling among the people. The tours organised by Riding Wheels Bikers club, Kolkata are well promoted through various newspapers and T.V. channels.

This club is very particulars about the rules which every member need to follow strictly and those set of rules are meant for not just maintaining healthy communication among the members but at the same time stress on maintaining safety as well as healthy relationship with other such organisation all over the country. It is mandatory to be a member of the organization to participate in any of the tours (no member can carry any non-member in a tour) so that the safety of all the participants can be ensured. Membership is open to all irrespective of gender as the basic criteria are to be passionate about motorbike riding and the commitment to abide by the rules and regulation of the organization.

Rolling Wheels Bikers Club organizes at least one long distance tour every year and they have several high level sponsors helping them to bring success to their events. This club is not just dedicated to travelling pleasure for the members but at the same time care for the relevant objectives like encouraging tourism in remote and less-popular locations, anti-drug campaign, showcasing the lifestyle and culture of some of the remotest places in the country.

See club’s events in clubs directory here.

If you are interested in meeting people who share the same passion for bike riding as yours, Rolling Wheels Bikers Club can be surely the best option to get attached with.

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  1. When I will be eligible to join, I will definitely join.

  2. Vishesht Mandana

    Rolling Wheels is undoubtedly one of the most respected Motorcycle Travel Club of India. The founders Tirtho & Krishnendu are tremendous travellers and I have had the honour of riding with Tirtho for two days when we met each other while we both were on tours. The guy’s passion to travel is just out of the world and what derives respect is his will to help his partners in every way possible.

    I hope to come back to Kolkata some day and ride with Rolling Wheels team.

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