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Royal Enfield – Himalayan Odyssey 2022

The biggest motorbike manufacturers have a brand strategy and promotion program under which they do many marketing activities to engage with loyal customers. One such big event promoted by Royal Enfield, one of the top motorbike manufacturers, is their annual motorbike riding event called the Himalayan Odyssey.

Royal Enfield puts a shout-out on its official website for all the motorbike riders to enroll on an 18-day long tour filled with fun, recreation, and adventure. This year this journey will witness over 70 motorbike riders from across the globe going on a memory-filled trip of their lifetime.


The Himalayan Odyssey curated by the Royal Enfield team is currently in its 18th year and will begin from India Gate on the 2nd of July.

Distance covered:

2700 km of pure magic and a heart-warming journey through one of the most challenging terrains in India.


INR 55,000 for an individual and INR 1,10,000 for a couple.

The journey will have multiple pit stops. Some of the highlights of the motorbike road trip are

Baralacha La Pass

  • The Baralacha La pass is 4876 meters above sea level at the confluence of Zanskar and Pir Panjal amidst the scenic beauty of a mountainous range of Zanskar in the Kashmir Valley.
  • To reach this mountainous pass, every motorbike must go through hilly slopes and winding roads while climbing and descending the hills.
  • Throughout the journey, you are amazed by the greenery, the steep valleys, and the pristine landscape. The motorbike rider must even cross some gushing water streams to Baralacha La.


  • Sarchu is a quaint place that forms the center point of the motorbike road trip on the Leh Manali highway on the border of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh.
  • A picturesque spot with zero air pollution and clear night skies.
  • The motorbike rides can enjoy the vast tents in Sarchu for a night of merriment with bonfire and star gazing.
  • An indulgence you can not get in the stressed city life and a place where one can cut off from civilization and have a time of pure bliss and mental peace.

Uming La 

  • Uming La is a mountainous pass at 5800 meters above sea level, recorded as the world’s highest motorable peak, which is trending on every motorbike rider’s wish list.
  • A ride to this pass is an ultimate achievement for any motorbike rider, a journey with extreme weather conditions and scenic beauty to compliment the riding discomfort.
  • A place where you can spend hours together clicking photos of the mountains and the wilderness a store away the memories of a lifetime.
  • One of the highest and most formidable peaks to cross during the Himalayan Odyssey motorbike journey.


  • One of the best spots on the Himalayan Odyssey is Kaza in the Spiti valley.
  • It has the highest altitude village of Komic as part of the journey, at 4500 meters above sea level.
  • On the way, the motorbike rides experience a Buddhist monastery at Key Gompa, where young monks undergo religious discourses and train to become lamas.
  • At the monastery, you will find beautiful paintings and walls filled with murals that mesmerize every visitor that comes to this place.
  • You can also find the traditional Tibetan banners, the thangkas flying in the wind making the entire area eye-catching.
  • From here onwards, the motorbike riders go downhill towards Himachal Pradesh and the busy city life.

The Himalayan Odyssey Route

The entire Himalayan Odyssey is a classic tour of 18 to 19 days.

  • Day 1 starts with check-in at a luxury hotel in Delhi with rounds of the intermingling of the tour motorbike riders as also verification of their documents and a session from the Royal Enfield team on special tips for the arduous motorbike road trip.

The evening is free for the motorbike riders to explore the busy city of Delhi.

  • On the 2nd day, all motorbike riders are given a session on first aid and precautions during this mountainous ride.

The lessons learned here help the motorbike riders throughout their tough road trip.

  • On day 3 the actual road trip begins from the famous India Gate with the blessings of a few Buddhist monks.

The rider now traverses towards Chandigarh.

  • After a night halt, the motorbike rider starts early on day 4 to Manali, beginning their Himalayan Odyssey in the true sense.

All the motorbike riders ride in discipline and a formation of a big motorcade.

  • The next day on the 5th day of the trip motorbike rider drives towards Jispa, a small village in Himachal Pradesh.

On the journey, you can cross the Atal tunnel, the largest tunnel at 3000 meters above sea level. Here, fill your tanks as this is the last stop before reaching any petrol pump in Leh. Gear up and ride to your heart’s content.

  • Day 6 dawns with a hearty breakfast to fill your stomachs to ride into the wilderness of the mountainous road towards Sarchu.

  • Further, on day 7, the motorbike rider gets to travel through Himachal Pradesh to Leh, the final destination of all adventurous motorbike riders.

You will have to pass several sharp winding roads on mountain slopes and two necessary passes, Tanglang La and Lachung La.

  • After a week of adventure, you get to rest your back and recuperate your body on day 8.

Just be one with nature in Leh. As any tourist would love to do, you can go around the small villages and catch some quiet moments at the Shanti Stupa. Bask in the serenity of the various monasteries or go shopping for a few souvenirs to take back home to remember your road trip.

  • Once rested and rejuvenated, day 9 promises to be enjoyable, with beautiful scenery on the way to Loma.

Loma has situated at 3500 meters above sea level, a mesmerizing place to ride our motorbike and feel the wind in your hair. This marks a unique chapter in your entire motorbike ride in the Himalayan Odyssey as it includes your first-night camping site. Complete with tents, campfires, and star gazing.

  • On day 10 you will travel nearly 100 km from Loma to Uming La via the world’s highest motorable road.

Built by India’s Border Roads Organization, it is an unmatchable achievement for any nation globally.

  • Once you reach Loma, the next stage is the journey back home from Loma to Leh on day 11.

  • While riding back on day 12 as your ride from Leh to Sarchu, you come across flatbeds and long stretches of road covered by mountains on both sides.

A great place to take selfies and collective group photos for future memories.

  • Further ahead, on day 13, you get to ride out in the green virgin forests from Sarchu to Keylong.

The most challenging riding part comes on your trip from Keylong to Kaza. Here you need your team bonding and communications skills to be the best as you need to cross many water streams.

  • This also marks the Himalayan Odyssey’s 14th day and your entry to the famous Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh.

  • The 15th day is the much-needed rest day at Kaza.

Kaza is home to high-altitude villages like Kibber and the world’s highest post office in Hikkim. Enjoy the scenic view of a town surrounded by huge mountains on all sides. Soak in the beauty and prepare for the next ride.

  • On day 16 the motorbike rider has to ride along the Sutlej River from Kaza to Kalpa, the famous apple growers’ paradise.

Enjoy the long but easy ride, the roads here are smooth, and the landscape is eye-catching.

  • On the day before you end the trip, that is day 17, and the motorbike riders experience the highway roads while riding from Kalpa towards Narkanda.

  • On the final day, which is now the 18th day from the day you started, the motorbike riders reach Chandigarh using the straight roads of our National Highway.

Once in Chandigarh, there will be a small event by the Royal Enfield team to felicitate the riders and give them participation certificates and small mementos.

On day 19, the motorbike riders will check out of their hotels to ride out of Chandigarh towards their home.

Thus, a memorable trip ends—a journey where each day brings new hope and fills your life with positivity. Himalayan Odyssey is a motorbike rider’s dream road trip. Do try it to have the time of your lifetime.

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