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Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT : New Launch

Only a dedicated motorbike community rider knows the delight of chasing the sunset while racing with the rain and wind. Their journey never comes to an end as the road is eternal, with the wind being their unswerving company.

Recently Suzuki brought us the beast, viz. V-Strom 650 XT  to add thrill to this bliss of freedom. Today we will go on a virtual ride with this motorcycle to explore its intricate details.

This Japanese brand is famous for launching new bikes each year since the 1950s. At the beginning of this century, Suzuki came up with the dual-sports bike series called V-Strom, starting with V-Strom 650. After a series of gradual improvisation and incorporation of advanced features to ensure the riders’ safety and comfort, the third generation of Suzuki V-Strom 650 (DL650) came off in 2017. Owing to V-Storm’s ever-growing fanbase in the two-wheelers sporting community, the latter won over Suzuki’s larger dual motorcycle DL1000 in terms of sales.

Price:  INR 7.46 lakhs (ex-showroom price)



Now the question arises, what makes the customers choose this model as the motorbike of the year? Customers judge over a wide range of criteria to come to this conclusion: price, safety, mileage, and comfort.

  • The second-generation, i.e., 2015 XT Model, is also tubeless, but wheels are made lighter with wire-spoked aluminum rims.
  • Unlike its previous generation, the V-Strom 650 is resistant to severe corrosion, which keeps the former ahead of its fierce rival Kawasaki Versys.
  • This version has all the features like DL-1000, a compatible luggage rack, and adjustable traction control.
  • XT model comes with throttle assist, which aids in gradually enhance the torque while the clutch is released or the motorbike moves at a slow speed.


Informative V-Twin Performance

  • With resin-coated pistons and advanced engine components, fuel consumption enhances.

  • The new cowling design with the vertical headlights gives the rider a broader view.
  • The sizeable analog tachometer displays the gear position and speedometer, while the digital segment illustrates the odometer, clock, fuel level, ambient temperature, coolant temperature, battery voltage, and instant fuel consumptions.

Advanced Wheels and Tires

  • Due to the flexible spokes, tubeless tires are perfect for absorbing shock from the road.
  • The Bridgestone BATTLAX ADVENTURE A40 tires intensify the grip level and overall stability.

Advanced Traction Control System

  • You can configure the traction control system in two modes: on or off. The ways differ in terms of sensitivity.
  • The first mode concedes the modest rear wheel to spin for a thriller ride. In contrast, the other method stimulates traction control at even the slightest loss of rear-wheel grip to boost your confidence on slippery surfaces, especially during the rainy season.

ABS-Equipped Brake System

  • The BS6 X6 of V Strom features 310mm diameter twin discs and twin calipers at the front during a single caliper on the rear.
  • It prohibits wheel lock as a consequence of hard-brake. The 12V DC outlet allows to stall the navigating device or recharge a mobile handset.

Slimmer Tank and Supple Suspension

  • In the latest model, the tank grew smarter with a capacity of 20 liters.
  • And the plastic cover from both sides of the tank has been eliminated, making it look slimmer.
  • The rear suspension is pre-loaded with a rebound adjuster for its quick configuration amid ride, even with heavy luggage.


  • The 90° V-twin series bikes always feature a 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, and DOHC engine, which runs on Wet sump lubrication system.
  • This beast weighs about 216 kg. Out of its overall length of 2,275 mm, the seat itself occupies 835 mm.
  • Both brakes are of disc-form with twin brakes on the front. The oil-damped coil spring suspension is of telescopic type on the front, while the rear suspension is of link type.

Is your thirst quenched by this virtual ride of Suzuki V-Strom 650? Aren’t you craving for a real ride today itself? Then why wait? Go and grab this beast home. Several motorbike-journalists opined this beauty to be the “best bike to buy” because of its fuel range, engine, and handling.

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