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The 2022 Yamaha FZS 25 –New Motorbike New Colors

Think of a Japanese motorbike, and only four names pop in your brain. Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. These Yamaha Motorcycles are a combination of power and performance both for city rides and on racetracks. An epitome of muscle and styling. Pick any motorbike from the stable of Yamaha, and you are sure to get a perfectly Japanese engineered motorbike with Italian styling and looks. Hence these motorbikes are a darling of the young generation who want the best of performance and terrific dynamism.

One such motorbike from Yamaha Motorcycles is its FZS series motorbike relaunched in 2022 in 2 new vibrant colors in matte finish – Copper and Black.

Here are the all-new features and functionalities of the new, improved Yamaha FZS motorbike.

  • The FZS 25 has a 250 CC single cylinder and injection fuel engine.
  • It comes with a large 2-way LED headlamp along with a daytime unique illumination lamp.
  • The light beam is such that it can cut through darkness even in jungle terrain.
  • The Yamaha motorbike makers kept in mind the adventurous nature of their motorbike community enthusiasts.

Sexy from Outside – Powerful from Inside

  • The new 2022 Yamaha FZS 25 has a menacing and powerful engine which 250 CC best suited to Indian terrains.
  • The engine is a fuel injection type with single cylinder functionality and specialized cooling technology to use engine heating when riding the Yamaha FZS 25 for long journeys.
  • This motorbike has seven-step super shock absorbers positioned to take care of all the potholes and bumpy roads and give the rider a smooth riding experience.
  • The Yamaha FZS 25 sports an ABS as standard for best-in-class control and maneuverability.
  • The frame of the Yamaha FZS is sleek and more like a combat motorbike.

Elongated Visor

  • The new Yamaha FZS 25 has an extensive bike protector screen that protects the motorbike rider from adverse wind conditions and the dust on dirt tracks.
  • It is also good protection from bugs and other irritants flying across your face when cruising at high speeds on the highway.

Brush Guard

  • This Yamaha FZS 25 motorbike rider will always be confident while riding due to the sturdy grips on the handlebar.
  • The brush guard gives additional protection to your hands while riding on rough terrains across the country.

Alloy Wheels

The Yamaha YZS 25 is fitted with alloy wheels in premium gold color to appeal to the youth. A perfect combination of dynamism and elite class looks.

Muffler Cover

  • This Yamaha YZS 25 motorbike sports a compact muffler cover to protect the pillion riders’ feet.
  • The design is vibrant and gives a sexy look to the motorbike.

Super Performance

  • The all-new 2022 Yamaha YZS 25 comes with a powerful but lean 250 CC engine with 4-stroke functionality and sports a fuel injection capability for better mileage and fuel consumption.
  • The engine adapts to Indian road conditions and complies with BS 6 environmental regulations.

Smooth Suspension

  • The 2022 Yamaha YZS 25 comes with seven-step adjustable shock absorbers in motocross condition. As a result, the motorbike has a balanced riding capability.
  • Also, this motorbike rider has the best in class riding posture and stress-free ride even on bumpy and roughshod roads.

ABS and Disc Brakes

  • This giant monster comes fitted with ABS and disc brakes on both wheels.
  • The rider is sure to be confident in the control and manoeuvrability of the new 2022 Yamaha YZS 25.

Engine Cut Off

  • This motorbike comes with a unique engine cut-off mechanism for safety during emergency conditions.
  • Also, it takes away the liberty of dependency of the rider to remember to put the side stand.

With the relaunch of the FZS 25, Yamaha has tried to capture the imagination of its loyal fans and new motorbike buyers. This beast always gives the rider a look and feel of a premium motorbike at the cost of an entry-level adventure or cruiser motorbike. Priced at Rs.1.45 lakhs, it’s a steal, and your money’s worth for a lean, mean, and sexy machine.

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