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The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Do you believe that your motorbike is your best friend and an all-weather companion? If yes, then, apart from speed, performance, and specifications, what else do you know about your two-wheeler?

I know it is a complex question for a layman, however, ideally, each and every motorbike rider should know their motorbike in and out. That is a fair enough expectation right?

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Therefore, to make it simple, today let us learn about the core motorbike components that are manufactured at the workshops and assembled to form the final product i.e., your motorbike.

Basic Components

We have compiled a list of components, mostly made up of steel, iron, alloy, metal, rubber, and plastic that form the basic foundation of a motorbike. Let us look at them one by one.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike
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Engine: Engine is what keeps a motorbike running as it controls the transmission and other processes related to the smooth operation of the machine. One of the important parts of the engine is its valve that helps in combustion to circulate the passage of air and fuel to other parts of motorbikes.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Carburetor: Carburetor is a part of the engine which contains valves, chambers, and tubes that have the ability to blend air and fuel to help the engine in combustion.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Cylinder: The engine has two cylinders that act as the liver of a motorbike. A motorbike can have up to a maximum of six cylinders to support the engine in combustion.

Pistons: Pistons within the cylinders help transfer the energy from the engine to the other parts by it’s up and down movement. This also helps in the movement of the wheels.

Fuel tank: The fuel tank as we all know is located above the engine to store a quantity of fuel depending on motorbike’s capacity.

Oil and fuel filters: To avoid dust and other particles from getting mixed into oil and fuel, separate filters are fixed within your motorbike.

Wheels: All motorbikes are equipped with two wheels, front and rear end consisting of tyre, rim, hub, and spokes that help in the sliding movement of the motorbike.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Handlebars: Unlike car steering, a motorbike has handlebars that assist the rider in controlling and balancing a comfortable ride. It is advisable to use rubber grips to grab a good grip on the handlebars.

Speedometer: Speedometer is a digital device that is located in the middle of the handlebar. It keeps the rider updated on the current speed and distance covered.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Mirrors: On either side of the handlebars, there are two mirrors to help you see traffic from both the sides and avoid any mishap.

Headlamp:  The eye of a motorbike, headlamp keeps you safe in low visibility.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Brakes: As in any other vehicle, brakes of motorbike help in controlling the speed and also in emergencies when you need to suddenly halt your motorbike in traffic.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Brakes can be categorized into two types: disc and drum. The disc brakes are a great help in wet conditions and hence are used in most of the motorbikes at present.

Battery: Unlike a car, a motorbike has a small battery that assists in energy bursting and smooth running all day long. Most often a 12-Volt battery with six cells containing sulphuric acid is used in motorbikes.

Seat:  The leather-covered, elongated, upholstered well-padded seating arrangement of a motorbike gives a comfortable ride to two.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

Kickstand: The kickstand is used to hold the bike in an upright position and avoid it from falling when stationary.

Frame: Last but not the least, is the frame, a major part of a motorbike. It has top tube and down tube that supports chain and seat clams of the motorbike.

The Basic Components of a Motorbike

So those were some of the major motorbike components that are engineered to form a complete motorbike for the end consumer, i.e., you.

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