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The Benelli 502C Unveiled: Pre-Bookings Begin

The flavor-of-the-month is indeed Italian, what with the European Cup 2020 football finals to held between England & Italy at the biggest sporting stadium of Wembley in London on July 11, 2021. The global foodies are crazy about Italian hand-tossed, wood-fired pizzas, plates of pasta, ravioli, and Lasagna. Then how can the motorbike community be left behind? The two-wheelers are going head over heels on the latest motorbikes from the house of Benelli. Benelli motors have been manufacturing classic, scrambler, naked and touring motorbikes from their Italian manufacturing facility that too from 1911. Their motorbikes are designed keeping in mind the emotions as well as innovation in technology. Each motorbike oozes confidence in styling, packed with rich features and riding power to blow your mind. The Benelli motorbikes are liked by the average motorbike fans and the sports motorbiking community for their award-winning performances on the championship race tracks. Most of their classic and naked category motorbikes are championship and cup winners for decades together.

With more than a century of history, these legendary motorbikes of Benelli motors are always awaited to be lapped up by everyone in the motorbike community. So how can the Benelli 502C be launched soon in India be left behind? The pre-booking for the Benelli 502C, priced at Rs.5 Lakhs, has already started with their existing dealers and distributors across India for a booking amount of just 10K. The pre-bookings are also open to motorbike enthusiasts on their official website. To let you into the secrets of Benelli 502C, read up to know more.

Style and Looks

The Benelli 502C will be launched as the ultimate cruiser motorbike in India. The best style icon and power-packed motorbike available on the biking scene today.

  • This motorbike comes with a sizable 21-liter petrol tank to take up the long-distance moto-cruises that the rider dream of.
  • For the rough and tumble of dirt tracks and hinterland roads with low to no street lights this motorbike features a powerful headlamp with halogen lights to illuminate the darkest roads.
  • The Benelli 502C has a beautiful instrument console on the riding handlebar. The instrument console completely digital and packs the odometer, tachometer, speedometer on a wide LED backlight screen, giving all the information required to the rider while out on the road.
  • The rear lamps are designed to be floating in nature and have a special undertray to give the added robustness.
  • The 502C is provided with heavy-duty large tires and exhaust featuring a twin-barrel design to give it the sporty look of a superbike.
  • The rider’s comfort is taken into consideration in its ergonomic design and high raised handlebar.

Colour, Warranty, and Delivery Terms

  • This monster of superbike comes in 2 color options – Matte Cognac Red and Glossy Black. Both these colors highlight this motorbike’s sensuous yet rough and tough image.
  • The manufacturer has come up with a 3-year unlimited kilometer warranty as a standard option as a special offer. Now the motorbike owner no longer has to worry about kilometers ridden or the cost of service.
  • Benelli 502 C will be available on the road in India from August 2021 across all its showrooms as per the Benelli motorbike management.

Technical Specs

  • The Benelli 502C Ultimate Cruiser is powered by a 500CC four-stroke engine which is BS6 emission compliance to care of motor vehicle policy guidelines in India.
  • The engine is in parallel twin model with fuel injection type motor, which produces 47.5BHP at 46Nm torque coupled to a 6-speed transmission—pushing this motorbike to the superbike category.
  • The motorbike engine is liquid-cooled with four valves per cylinder and a twofold overhead camshaft, giving the motorbike a smooth ride and the best fuel consumption figures.

That is why Benelli 502 C is the ultimate cruiser motorbike. A bike truly made for the die-hard superbike fan.

Motor Specs

  • The Benelli 502C comes with an upturned front suspension and a single shock absorber on the rear end of this motorbike, taking care of any bumps and thuds during a long drive on the highway or under-maintained city roads.
  • The motorcycle has an uncovered lattice metallic frame giving it the required fancy and sexy look. Not only it looks good when on the stand, but it also makes the beholder be in awe of the motorbike when riding it.
  • This two-wheeler is fitted with alloy wheels of 17-inch size both at the front and back to take the load of its massive frame, which also benefits the rider giving him complete control and maneuvering ability.
  • The new Benelli comes with 280 mm twin discs and rear end 240mm petal disc rotor brakes with twin channel ABS as a standard feature.
  • The braking system is such that it offers the motorbike rider complete stress-free riding capability and complete control over speed and braking. Thus, even in emergencies, you are sure the brakes will not fail you and avoid any catastrophe.

The Indian motorbike community is always worried about road conditions, especially the potholes and high-speed breakers in the cities. So, the Benelli 502C becomes the perfect partner with its high ground clearance of 210mm. It gives the rider a tension-free ride, and he will not have to worry about his motorbike under his belly getting scrapped every time he goes over a speed breaker or through a massive pothole.

At the launch function, Benelli India managing director Mr.Vikas Jhabakh said that he is ecstatic to offer the Indian two-wheeler community a motorbike with Italian heredity, stylish design, a powerful superbike packed with a super performance. A genuinely world-class cruiser motorbike for all the true blue motorbike enthusiasts.

In conclusion, this Bernelli 502C ultimate cruiser is a flawless motorbike with Italian origins and superbike swag. Riding this motorbike will make every rider stand out from the crowd regarding its styling and monstrosity. The Benelli 502C is sure to make heads turn when you are seen riding such a super motorbike from the pedigree of champions. So, rush to the nearest Benelli showroom and take this motorbike for a spin? Ride this Italian mean machine and enjoy the wind through your hair. Buy it for its eye-catching looks, superb styling, and heavy-duty performance. A motorbike worth every penny you pay for it. The Benelli 502C is undoubtedly the ultimate cruiser motorbike.

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