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The Bikerni – India’s First Female Biker Club

The Bikerni is an association where like-minded women get together to share their passion for motorcycling and furthermore polish their motorcycling skills and knowledge. Bikerni is the brainchild of Firdaus Shaikh & Urvashi Patole. Founded in Janurary 2011, the Bikerni has grown leaps and bounds within just a year of inception to more than 100 members across the country.

Through The Bikerni, Firdaus and Urvashi promote motorcycling among Indian women, a domain relatively new for them given India’s conventional and conservative mind-set. The Bikerni is the sisterhood of women motorcyclists.

The Bikerni is the only all women motorcycle club to be recognized by WIMA – Womens International Motorcycle Association, the most prestigious body in the women’s motorcycling. Only one club in each country gets a WIMA recognition and The Bikerni is privileged to have this honor and accreditation.

Urvashi and Firdaus handle various areas of Bikerni together with support from the core committee.

So, why not get in touch with the girls and enjoy the freedom of the road with like minded biker girls!

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  1. I would like to join your bike club.

  2. I would like to join your bike club.

  3. Meghana S Patil

    Hello Girls,

    I came to know about this group from Times of India paper dated 16.06.2013. Very interesting article. I really liked it.
    Please i want to meet at least one of the girl of this “Bikerni Group”. And if possible, want to be part of the group.

    Meghana S Patil

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