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The Buzz Around the 2022 Motorbikes Line-Up from BMW

Think of a premium motorbike, and the instant recall among the motorbike community are the motorbikes from the stables of BMW Motorrad. Motorbike models are exclusive, influential performers and style icons for the motorbike community. The year 2021 saw BMW Motorrad launching close to 6 new motorbikes and increasing its overall sales by 6.7%. The new year 2022 promises even better for BMW motorbikes with a lineup of 5 more trailblazers. If you are a BMW motorbike fan and want to know all about BMW’s newest motorbikes, you have come to the right place. Read this article to get notes on the all-new motorbikes from BMW in 2022.

2022 R 18 

The newest 2022 R 18 successfully combines its legacy and iconic style. This cruiser motorbike from BMW is a powerful and mean machine fitted with the largest boxer engine with enhanced looks provided by its teardrop fuel tank and dual crib metallic frame.


The 2022 R 18 is marketed by BMW as a cruiser motorbike.

  • This motorbike has a fly line stretched out and lows with a dual crib type metal frame that encloses its heavy-duty engine, which is the heart of this cruiser motorbike, defining its style and performance.
  • BMW has made this 2022 R18 motorbike very appealing to its core customers by making it fully customizable.
  • You can select four new metallic colors: Black storm, Mars red, Manhattan metallic in a matte finish, and a unique option, 719 galaxy dust metallic / titan silver metallic, a combination of blue and violet, giving the motorbike an eye-catching look.
  • The 2022 R18 has an engine and motor transmission in Nurburg silver color glossily polished to perfection. The raised handlebars in chrome give it a classy look.

Engine Housing Cover

The 2022 BMW R18 has an engine cover made of composite aluminum designed to give this motorbike a stylized look. The engine cover is produced on state an art machine to provide it with premium quality.


The 2022 R18 has flat, long, and rider-friendly floorboards giving this motorbike the requisite cruiser appeal.

Dual-Tone Black Cylinder Head Covers

The dual-tone premium-quality aluminum head cover houses the powerful engine giving the overall classy look to the motorbike.


This motorbike is fitted with fishtailed-shaped silencers to muffle the engine sound and give it a perfect cruiser motorbike look.

Fuel Filler Cap

The fuel filler fitted on this motorbike is also dual tone in color and manufactured with quality-conscious machining to give the motorbike a striking premium look.


The R18 is boxer styled motorbike with a legacy of 95 years.

Shaft and Frame 

The 2022 BMW R18 has a nickel-metal open driveshaft that brings attention to its high-end torque. This motorbike also comes with a double cradle type frame.

Fork Bridge

The fork-type bridge on its high handlebar gives the R18 a classy look. The design is smooth and curvy.

Performance Features

  • The 2022 BMW R18 comes with Automatic Stability Control as a standard feature for better manoeuvrability.
  • The LED headlights are powerful to light the darkest of roads with easy operations with a keyless start.
  • The rear end with LED back lamps and signal indicators gives a safe riding experience.
  • The console is fully digital with a built-in microprocessor and loads of meters for indicating speed, fuel, and run kilometers.
  • The motorbike rider gets three options of riding- Rock, Roll, and Rain. As the name suggests, the rider is spoilt for choice while riding this motorbike.


The 2022 BMW R18 expects to be around Rs. 11.5 Lakhs ex-showroom New Delhi. A great motorbike with legendary looks and powerful performance.

2022 BMW R18 Classic

The 2022 BMW R18 Classic has a legacy of its own but at the same time appeals to the GenX motorbiking community.

  • The latest R18 classic sports the same white dual pinstripe design launched in its 1st edition.
  • The motorbike’s heart is a power-packed engine with the best displacement for a comfortable long ride even on the roughest of roads.
  • The highlight of this motorbike is its drop-shaped fuel tank giving it a distinctive look, and the frame made from steel which encompasses the powerful engine.
  • Riding this motorbike will put you in a league of your own—a classic motorbike for everyone in the motorbike community.

Separate Pillion Seat 

Though the 2022 BMW R18 Classic is a cruiser motorbike, it features a separate pillion rider seat for better comfort during long and rough rides.

The R in R18

The R18 Classic derived its name from the stylized boxer push rods and continued its legacy for 95 years.

Additional LED

The two well-defined auxiliaries LED lights are best suited for dark, isolated roads.


The R18 Classic provides complete rider comfort with its broad footboard for the feet support during exhaustive long rides on rough, bumpy roads.

Large Windshield

The 2022 BMW R 18 Classic motorbike comes with a sizeable all-weather windshield which protects the rider from the wind and rains.

Exhaust Pipe and Cradle Frame

The R18 Classic is classy with a round exhaust pipe, open-ended driveshaft, and twin cradle frame in shining chrome.

Petrol Tank and Logo

The prominent and historic BMW logo on its huge black petrol tank and the twin striping on the petrol tanks gives it an iconic look and styling.


The classic leather saddlebag for storing essentials you may require on a long and winding road trip is a perfect companion with a 4.1-gallon capacity.


The 2022 BMW R18 Classic may cost around Rs. 13.5 Lakhs ex-showroom New Delhi. A perfect cruiser motorbike with a classy style and powerful performance.

BMW K 1600 GTL 

A German proverb goes something like this “anyone who travels with ambitions never travels alone.” It becomes true when you have company for a long drive. The BMW K 1600 GTL derives its strength from this proverb and matches it to perfection.

  • The motorbike performance is comprehensive and wishes fulfilling when you take for a ride.
  • This motorbike comes power-packed with a six-cylinder dynamic engine which gives a superior riding experience.
  • The design of the BMW K 1600 GTL provides the rider with complete riding comfort even on rough roads.
  • The instrument cluster is modern and classic simultaneously, with clear indicators giving correct information on speed, mileage, fuel, engine temperature, and other alerts for the motorbike rider—a perfect companion for the wanderlust in you.

Enthralling Engine

The BMW K 1600 GTL comes fitted with a powerful engine, smooth-riding capability, and an impressive performance.

Integrated Smartphone Charging Compartment

This motorbike provides the rider with complete integration with a smartphone for better navigation besides a special waterproof compartment with a USB C-type connector for charging your smartphone on the go.

Favorite Buttons at a Click

There are easy-to-use one-click favorite buttons for pre-selected functions. The rider can assign any function he wants to access quickly to these four buttons for easy selection.

719 Classic Forged Wheel

The 1600 GTL has the best in class option 719 forged wheels, giving it a classic look and feel and powerful performance. The quality standard is high class and provides the rider with complete safety and security.

Large TFT Display 

The BMW K 1600 GTL boasts a digital instrument cockpit with a 10.23-inch large color display integrated with Google maps for easy navigation. The bright and vibrant show is user-friendly and fully loaded.

Huge Storage

The boot space for storage is enormous and adequate even for long cross-country rides. It gives the rider peace of mind to carry large loads during long journeys and bring back souvenirs.

Bright LED Headlights

The front headlight is LED-based and bright enough to light the darkest of the road, adaptive to outside lights to use less energy, and gives the best results for safe rides.

Audio System 2.0

The top-class sound system for immense pleasure, easy-to-use menus, superb output, and sound produced takes away all the stress while going on a long drive.


The BMW K 1600 GTL is a premium tour motorbike made for exclusive motorbike enthusiasts. At 18.5 lakhs, it’s a tad expensive, but a motorbike is worth every penny invested.

So as the new year approaches, the motorbike community and the motorbike fans have a lot to cheer for with these three motorbikes from the BMW Motorrad stable. 2022 will be a memorable year for BMW and its loyal motorbike fans.

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