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The Harley–Davidson 2021 Collection – India

Ask any motorbike enthusiast what his ultimate dream is, and pat, comes the answer, riding a Harley or HD or, in colloquial terms, the Harley Davidson motorbike. It’s the aura, the visual solid, and ultimate experience of riding a rugged and manly motorbike that makes a true-blue motorbike fan go weak in the knees when he sees a Harley Davidson on the road. The brand Harley has an instant recall and machismo attached to it.

Harley–Davidson is an all-American motorbike designed and manufactured in the motorbike capital of the world, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded by William S Harley and Arthur Davidson, two childhood friends way back in 1903, Harley Davidson is a genuine American motorbike that survived the Great Depression of the 1930s, the vagaries of time of the economic downturn, and the onslaught of bad media. It took all this in its stride to come unscathed and become the ultimate iconic brand for the motorbike community.

If you are a particular motorbike enthusiast and want to know the latest and upcoming collection of the Harley Davidson motorbike for 2021 in India, then you have come to the right place. Read on to learn more.

Harley Davidson India will launch not two but five new motorbikes in the current financial year 2021-22.

Some of the new launches include:

  • Custom 1250,
  • Livewire,
  • Street Bob 114,
  • Fat Boy 114,
  • CVO Limited,
  • Sport Glide.

All these will be in the price range starting from Rs.2.5Lakhs to Rs.15 Lakhs. A small price to pay for riding an iconic global motorbike.

Harley-Davidson Custom 1250

The Harley-Davidson Custom 1250 is an all-new motorbike from the “Custom” stable of the brand HD. It has a cruiser design with a retro look. The motorbike is well designed with clear, sharp lines, a classic fuel tank, a high handlebar, and a colossal headlight to give it a sturdy look. The single and high mounted seat gives it the right macho appeal for the loyal motorbike fan.

  • The HD Custom 1250 is power by a 1250cc liquid-cooled V twin engine.
  • This powerhouse performer has better specs than the earlier 152.2Nm at 9000 rpm and 127Nm at 6750 rpm.
  • For a sharper look, the exhausts are side-mounted, and the overall design is flashy compared to other motorbikes from its collection.
  • Some of its highlights in terms of features are front & rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS to give this monster motorbike the right amount of safety for the rider.
  • The riding console is digital with a digital odometer, a digital speedometer, a digital tachometer, a digital trip meter, and a fuel gauge for real-time visibility for the motorbike rider at all times.

The Harley Davidson Custom 1250 will be launched in May 2021 and expected to reach the Indian shore by the year-end. Priced at a higher end of Rs.15 Lakhs, this mean machine is the ultimate dream rider for the loyal Harley fan.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

The HD LiveWire is an electric motorbike from the Harley stable. A first of its kind. This electric motorbike will get powered by a newly designed drive train called the Revelation.

  • This electric engine motorbike produces 116Nm torque at 105 horsepower, which equals to 78Kw. The engine has a permanent electric magnet electric motor.
  • The LiveWire is easy to handle due to perfect symmetry in design and the engine located below the battery pack. Thus, a low center of gravity for the perfect balance while riding the bike on city roads even in the country’s rough terrain.
  • The built-in battery pack is high performance giving it a mileage of 235 Kms on city roads on a single charge and 152 Kms on the highway.
  • You can charge the battery using the standard offering of Level 1 charger & power chord. The charging is possible using a standard household outlet & achieves a full charge in a few hours. Fast charging option is available using any Level 3 DC Fast charge station for 80% charge in 30-40 minutes and a full charge in 1 hour.
  • The Harley Davidson LiveWire provides seven rider selectable ride modes controlled electronically. The riding mode can easily be selected using Reflex Defensive Rider System (RDRS). Each ride mode gives a specific throttle response, acceleration, power, and traction. Pre–selectable ride modes of sport, rain, and road range are available as a standard feature. Customizable ride modes are also available for the rider of this motorbike.
  • The LiveWire designed for ultimate safety on the worst of roads, uses its best in class electronic brake control and power train technology, giving the motorbiker total control while braking and making a sharp turn.
  • The HD LiveWire comes equipped with H-D connect the navigation and remote control through its Harley Davidson app. This application allows the rider to get all the information related to the battery charge, tamper alert and stolen vehicle at his fingertips through his smartphone.

The LiveWire, expected to launch in mid-2021 in India with a price tag of Rs. 50 Lakhs is one of a kind electric bike from the iconic house of Harley Davidson.

Harley-Davidson Street Bob 114

The Harley-Davidson has one more ace up its sleeve in its 2021 global launch, the Street Bob 114. The name derived from the Milwaukee- Eight 114 engine used in this powerful motorbike. The Street Bob 114 is a small engine motorbike but loaded with hot features to make a great buying proposition.

  • This two-wheeler from Harley comes with an 1860 CC V twin engine air-cooled for giving a very high performance with its 160 Nm torque at 3000 rpm.
  • Its robust engine comes with a 6-speed transmission connected to a belt drive.
  • Though the engine capacity is small compared to the other motorbikes, it can give race from 0-96 Kmph in flat 9 seconds, making it one of the fastest motorbikes in the small engine two-wheeler superbike category.
  • The Street Bob 114 offers excellent mileage. At 19.98 km/l, it is one of the most efficient superbikes ever to launch by Harley-Davidson.
  • Some highlights of this mean motorbike are its front fork telescopic dual bending design complimented by the rear coil-over mono-shock, both adjustable to the riding conditions.
  • The Street Bob 114 has Dunlop D401 F/T tires with the front wheel sized at 19 inches and rear-wheel sized at 16 inches to give it the right balance and superbike appeal.
  • It comes with Harley Davidson proven design of the front and rear disc brake with an ABS braking system for extra safety on the worst of roads.

The Street Bob 114 will be available in India around September 2021 at a price of Rs.18 Lakhs.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s epic futuristic action thriller, The Terminator, immortalized the Harley-Davidson to eternity. Looking at the stunts carried out by Arnie in the Terminator series, this monster of a motorbike has become a dream bike for all the Harley fans. This famous icon comes in both BS4 and BS6 compliant variants, with base model in Vivid Black avatar and other color variants like Deadwood Green, Gauntlet Metallic Grey, and Metallic Blackjack.

  • This Fat Boy comes with two options: the smaller variant comes with Milwaukee –Eight 107 engine, 1750 CC air-cooled V-twin engines.
  • It produces a power output of 145 Nm torque at 3000 rpm. The larger variant comes with an 1860 CC air-cooled V Twin engine which has a result of 156Nm.
  • Both these models have 6-speed transmission but make them more highway worthy both the motorbike variants have cruise control.

The Harley Davidson Fat Boy 114 comes richly loaded with an extensive list of features.

  • The fully functional LED headlight and tail lights are power for night riding.
  • The riding console is traditional in design, with the speedometer in analog for the retro feel.
  • The rest of the meters, be it the trip meter, tachometer odometer, distance to empty indicator, and clock, are all digital in keeping with the current generation trends.
  • Fat Boy 114 comes with heavy-duty brakes and suspension, all designed to keep in mind the rider’s comfort and dual cradle frame, light, and swift.
  • The suspensions are adjustable mono-shock at the rear and patented dual valve bending telescopic fork design at the front, the perfect motorbike for the rough terrain.
  • The brakes are standard disc brakes with ABS for both front and rear tires. But the tire rims and humongous at 18 inches cast in aluminum.
  • The size ratio is 160/60 for the front tire and a gigantic 240/40 at the rear end. The rear tire is like an SUV, giving it a monstrous look.

If you are waiting to ride this mean machine and saved up enough cash, this motorbike will launch at the end of 2021 in India at a price of around Rs. 18-20 Lakhs.

Harley-Davidson CVO Limited 

The Harley-Davidson CVO Limited is a limited edition with its name derived from the design and engineering department with Harley Davidson called the Custom Vehicle Operations, hence Harley-Davidson CVO Limited. This motorbike comes from the super-luxury touring bike platform from Harley.

  • The CVO Limited features the iconic batwing design with a powerful full LED headlight.
  • The extensive list of features includes exclusive ABS heated handgrips, a vast display measuring 6.5 inches giving extra entertainment to the rider while clocking long and arduous journeys.
  • This beast gets all power from a twin-cooled Milwaukee 114 at 1860 CC, which delivers 168Nmtorque and integrates with a 6-speed transmission.
  • It also boasts of a strict security system to take care of any emergencies.
  • The CVO Limited comes in 2 color variants, Royal Purple and Royal Black Fade combo and Bronze Armour.

When put on the side stand, this motorbike looks every bit luxurious and classy at the same time. Ride this most expensive, exclusive, and uber-cool monster at Rs.50 Lakhs.

Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

The Sports Glide is part of the Harley Davidson Softail family of motorbikes. It has a mighty V-Twin engine known as the Milwaukee-Eight 107 in biking parlance.

  • The engine is 1750 CC having a smooth acceleration giving the rider perfect maneuverability even on rough terrains.
  • The Sport Glide gets LED headlamps for excellent visibility. Additional features of keyless ignition and USB power socket for mobile charging make it the most favored sports motorbike.

The Harley-Davidson Sport Glide will be launched in India around the end of 2021 and aggressively priced at Rs.15-17 Lakhs.

Thus, as we saw, the brand Harley Davidson is going back to its roots with these new and upcoming heavy duties but rider-friendly motorbikes. It has launched the Rewire to Hardwire program to implement up to 2025, reducing its models and increasing investment in technology and manufacturing its “High Potential motorbikes which have an attractive valuation in the eyes of the traditional Harley buyer. With the new 2021 lineup, it is trying very hard to become the most desirable motorbike brand globally and fortify its iconic status.

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