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The Motor-Biking World in India 2016 – An insight into the future and beyond


The Motor-Biking World in India 2016 - roads

India is home to the world’s second largest road network which experiences millions of vehicles operating incessantly across its vast stretch of highways. It also comes as no surprise that majority of the automobiles utilized by country’s population comprises of motorcycles. From being the unfailing choice for beating those traffic-jam woes to the sheer pleasure of being taken for a ride, motorbikes have gone on to become a crucial aspect of Indian lifestyle.

The prodigious industry has been on an accelerated rise on the Indian terrain ever since its inception, thanks to millions of patrons from all corners of the country. As another influential and lucrative year for the Indian motorbike industry comes to an end, 2016 will be the one to watch out for all bike buffs as it will be unleashing a series of most happening events. From ushering brand new launches to being filled with most sought after gigs; 2016 promises to get bigger, bolder and only better.

Finest motorbikes to be showcased at Auto Expo 2016

Auto Expo, The Motor Show bikes showcase

All eyes will be on Auto Expo 2016, where once again just like every year, many big players will be given a moment to exhibit the finest of their motor engineering mettle. Scheduled to take place during 4-7 of February ’16 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, it is one of the biggest auto exhibit events in the country and world. A mini version of the same is Auto Expo — The Motor Show 2016, and will be held in Greater Noida, from 5-9 February ‘16. This year too, visitors can expect to witness some of the most dazzling motorbikes ever showcased.

New motorbikes masterpieces to hit showrooms

The upcoming year will be brimming with a lot of thrills and pleasant surprises for Indian bike aficionados. As the competition heats up across the Indian market for motorbikes day after another, country’s own as well as foreign players already are lined up to launch their eagerly anticipated machines. The key factor highlighting many such events will be the admission of many illustrious corporations to the Indian shores.

Pulsar Motorbike poster

Catering to needs and preferences of consumers from all age groups, many global players are already geared with their impressive catalogues to make a strong impact and have their presence felt in a positive light. Each of the twelve months is booked for unveiling many of the mechanical masterpieces which will hit showrooms all across the country covering 2016.

So what all can precisely be expected from 2016 as far as debuts go? As already mentioned above, it has in store something for everybody out there. Firmly established home brands such as TVS and Bajaj will again be in the news for upgrading their already successful two-wheelers. TVS Apache and Victor, two models of Pulsar from the house of Bajaj will be making a comeback in brand new avatars. These bikes are expected to hit Indian market anywhere between January-March 2016.


All the previous versions of these three motorbikes have been bestsellers not just for being so efficient, but also for being attainable at a practical figure for the middle-class users. These vehicles will be facing some rigorous rivalry from another extremely popular brand titled Hero, as it debuts its much awaited HX250R somewhere around the same time. Another local beauty to stand out of the crowd will be Royal Enfield Himalayan, which is anticipated to hit market early in February ’16.

Meanest machines from motorbike world goliaths

Bikers for which looks and caliber are far more crucial over price-tags will have plenty of reasons to gush about. Patrons from across the country will be in for ravishing visual treats paired with mind-boggling power in form of some amazing sports bikes from international heavyweights. Motorbike world goliaths such as Ducati, BMW, Yamaha, Aprilia, Kawasaki, MV Augusta, Hyosung, Harley Davidson, and many more will be releasing their meanest machines to be tamed by Indian buyers at full length of 2016 calendar.


New bikes launches from new players

As the craze for sports and nude motorbikes in India with young generation is briskly inflating, lesser established names in the country such as Benelli, Moto Morini, KTM and Miami-based United Motors will be looking to make the utmost use of this opportunity. The brands will try and carve a niche for themselves with a steady line-up of sports and dirt bikes to be launched throughout 2016. Victory Motorcycles meanwhile will look to do the same in cruiser-bike market. A compelling factor to watch would be how these rookies fare against the already reputed big players.

It was recently revealed that Husqvarna Motorcycles, which is a subsidiary of Austria’s KTM, is looking to utilise India as its production base for on-road motorbikes in collaboration with Bajaj Auto. The corporation wants to build motorcycles catering to international market for now but is hoping to sell to Indian market after 2017. It will be safe to say that most of the ventures lead by foreign automobile corporations on the backs of mergers and collaborations with their Indian counterparts have been very successful.


Once the biking beasts in country have their paws on these beauties, the next thing obviously would lead to showing them off and taking them for a good ride. The biking fraternity in India has great many options of gigs and events lined up for the same in 2016. The first month of year is bound to start with a bang and get adrenaline pumping until its end with globally renowned motorcycling exclusive festivals and shows.

Rider Mania 2016 — major event for Royal Enfield owners

Rider Mania 2016 will be one of the first major events to kick start the year in month of January for three days. It is hosted by BOBMC or Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium each year in India. The event calls for every owner of Royal Enfield motorcycles in the country to show up, share and celebrate the spirit of bike riding. This year’s Rider Mania will be taking place in the city of Nagpur and will be hosted by Wanderlust-The Bullet Club on 22, 23 and 24, Jan ’16. With Enfield bike shows to build-offs and much more, RM ‘16 will only get wilder and more adventurous this time around.


If the roaring engines of Royal Enfield aren’t able to do much about satiating those biking cravings, then heading to Goa for being part of the world renowned India Bike Week 2016 seems the perfect option. A complete package, IBW ’16 will be offering adventure and thrills by loads. Slated to take place on 19 and 20 February in Vagator, Goa, IBW promises to be a biker’s paradise complete with amazing music, great food and fun parties sprawling over sun-kissed beaches. Top attractions at the gig will be IBW Film Festival, Hand Enduro, National Stunt Championship and Vintage Bike Concours, which vow for providing some real good times.

Cruise India Motorbike Show Season

Cruise India Motorbike Show Season is famed for bringing the best of both worlds to its visitors. Venue and dates for 2016 are yet to be released. Motorcycling combined with some great EDM gigs is sure to stir up for some electric moments worth experiencing. It’s famed for the flea market, the hardcore MXM stunt championship and bike shows along with DJs spinning some really sick beats. The event runs for 2 days in the usually in the month of March and winds up with a grand party featuring the gorgeous Paddock Girls. What’s not to love!?

A lot of interesting events and new motorbikes launches in 2016. Have we missed something important happening in motor-biking world in 2016? Why not share your opinion and comment below.

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