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The New BMW R18 Classic – New Launch

When you think of superbikes or motorbikes, what brand comes to your mind?

At the top of the mind for any motorbike enthusiast will be Ducati, Triumph, Suzuki, or Yamaha. Many of you in the motorbike community appreciates classic motorbikes, like the Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson, but did you know BMW is listed #3 in the Global Top 10 best Retro Classic bikes. Yes, BMW, the brand more associated with Classy and Luxury cars, also manufactures heavy-duty motorbikes. How about we take you on a tour of the latest launch R18 Classic from BMW. Here are more details for you, the ultimate motorbike fan.

BMW Motorrad manufactures the BMW R18 Classic, the German Auto manufacturer’s motorbike subsidiary, launched in September 2020 in India as part of its global rollout. The R18 Classic comes with a powerhouse of an engine of 1800CC available in its boxer twin style. The engine itself is air-cooled with two cylinders, four strokes, and twin chain-driven camshafts above the driveshaft, making it the meanest bike on the road today.

Technically, it’s a premium version of the R18 First Edition, launched earlier, sold like hotcakes globally. With a price of Rs.24 Lakhs ex-showroom New Delhi, it’s one of the most expensive bikes on-road as of today. For that premium, it comes packed with technology, great looks, and off-roader capabilities making it the most sought-after cruiser / touring motorbike ever.


For that hole in your pocket, it comes with enhancement making it more riders friendly. The R18 Classic comes with a complete LED & bright headlight, paired with auxiliary lights for greater visibility. It has a large windscreen to protect the rider from windblast & pollutants smacking the face while driving it at very high speeds. BMW has changed the cushioning of the seat and added a pillion seat for a comfortable riding experience.

The all-new BMW R18 Classic gets a pair of saddlebags to complete the Classic look and feel, making it a complete package. All the accessories mentioned are detachable, and you can add them to the standard R18, but the newer R18 Classic is more rider-friendly with these add on. The R18 Classic comes with a 16-inch wheel in the front and a straight exhaust to balance the saddlebags for pure riding comfort.

Technical specifications

  • The R18 Classic is power by a heavy-duty 1802CC boxer twin and air-cooled engine that produces a mean 89.9 bhp at 158 Nm torque, making it the fiercest motorbike on the road.
  • The braking and suspension are also smooth like whipped cream, giving the rider and the pillion rider easiness while driving over rough roads.
  • The R18 Classic has electronic cruise control as standard.
  • It has three ride modes, “Rain,” “Roll,” and “Rock,” to suit every rider’s preference. As the name suggests, in the “Rain” mode, the rider gets a gentler throttle response and a dynamic riding facility to allow safety over slippery roads during heavy rains.

The “Roll” mode offers optimum throttle response to achieve ideal on-road performance. Finally, the “Rock” mode provides a spontaneous and direct throttle response.

  • It has a dynamic brake control, which electronically prevents the rear wheel from sliding even when there is sudden throttle closure or backspacing.
  • R18 Classic has automatic stability control with its Hill start control gives it high maneuverability while riding hilly terrain.
  • Added to this, the Headlight Pro with adaptive headlights, keyless start, and reverse gears make it a comprehensive package.

  • The new, improved BMW R18 Classic comes with a partially integrated ABS braking system adaptive and distributes the brake force between its front and rear brakes to the dynamic wheel load distribution and the load state.
  • The BMW R18 comes with an active brake light signal function that warns the rear traffic of sharp braking and sudden emergency braking.

All these rich features make it the safest motorbike on the road.

Here are a few more facts:

  • BMW R18 derives its Classic look in collaboration with Roland Sand design, a leader in motorbike design. This bike comes in 2 different variants with milled aluminum parts; one is the “Machined” the other “2-Tone-Black.”
  • The R18 Classic has handmade, high-quality seats in collaboration with Mustang Seats. Its custom exhaust system is designed and developed by Vance & Hines.
  • It is available in scratch-resistant black ceramic or shiny chrome.

All in all, the BMW R18 Classic evokes a nostalgic feeling with its classic look, sturdy engine, and superior braking system. So, try out the best cruiser of 2021 right away at your nearest BMW showroom.

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