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The New In-House EV: Gravton Quanta

The next big wave in the two-wheeler market is for the indigenously developed electric two-wheelers. Even the Government of India, in its push toward sustainable and green energy solutions, promotes electric vehicles through its unique subsidy scheme for the buyers of such electric vehicles, more so for the electric two four-wheelers. There is frequent news of new entrants to this EV two-wheeler segment by the day.

Recently, OLA, an app-based cab-hailing service, entered this EV two-wheeler market with bookings opening and garnering a record 100,000 bookings on its first day of online bookings.

Adding to this EV two-wheeler category is the newest member Gravton Motors from Hyderabad, Telangana, founded by Parshuram Paka as a new-age EV start-up in 2016. This new EV two-wheeler is a cross between a scooter and the time-tested moped. The founder & CEO, Parshuram Paka, wanted to develop a vision supporting the Government of India’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat mission. Hence, it got the best engineers pouring their heads for a design more suited to Indian roads and riding conditions. The Gravton Quanta was born of this dream to build an EV motorbike with an idea be Indian buy Indian.

The Gravton Quanta has been launched at a princely price of Rs.99,000/- and is open for booking on its official website.

Read below to know more about this all-new electric motorbike EV Gravton Quanta.

Designed for Indian Roads

The Gravton Quanta is made and designed for Indian roads.

  • It’s the first of its kind EV two-wheeler, provided with a metal rib cage for protection to the engine and battery section from external forces and also for clearing high-speed breakers on our national highways.
  • This extra protection feature also helps in protecting the battery, the heart of this motorbike, from accidents and thefts.
  • The Quanta is provided with a classy suspension to take care of potholes and uneven Indian roads and to give the rider a comfortable drive on any terrain.

Be it the smooth city roads or rough, uneven roads of the rustic hinterlands; the Gravton Quanta rides smoothly on all such topography.

Powerful Engine and a Long-Lasting Battery

  • The Gravton Quanta is powered by a small yet powerful engine with a capacity of 3Kw and power sustained through a BLDC motor.
  • The engine is wholly indigenous and made in India by the Gravton team at its state-of-the-art R&D center and manufacturing setup in Hyderabad.
  • This small yet powerful engine gives a top speed of 70 km/h with 170Nm torque, making this EV motorbike a favorite of the new generation motorbike community looking for an electric option.
  • The Quanta is powered by a 3KW Lithium-Ion chargeable battery that you can swap for a fully charged battery if the main battery gets drained. This Swap EcoSystem is a unique feature for swapping the battery provided by Gravton to its buyers.
  • Its one of a kind offer by Gravton to help the rider find the nearest charging station from Gravton’s network and quickly replace the battery while on the go.
  • The battery takes 3 hours for a full charge but has an option for a fast charge provided by the fast charge accessory, which can power up this EV motorbike in flat 90 minutes.
  • When fully charged, the Gravton Quanta can ride up to 150 km without losing speed and efficiency.
  • The manufacturer has given five years warranty on the factory-fitted battery to take away the stress on the minds of the EV motorbike buyer and protect him from battery exchange rules from the battery manufacturer.

Fully Digital EV Two-Wheeler

This EV motorbike is provided with a fully digital instrument console with a digital Speedometer, Tachometer, and Odometer in keeping up with the latest trend.

  • The Quanta gives the rider three options or three riding modes at the flick of a button, Eco, City, and Dirt, to take care of specific riding conditions and make the motorbike perform at optimal levels.
  • The console has a large LCD screen.
  • It also integrates with your mobile phone through its SmartApp, specially designed to give the rider all the requisite information regarding his journey at his fingertips.
  • The rider can use this SmartApp to locate his motorbike in an unlit parking lot, use the remote operating option to quickly turn off or turn on its headlamps for better illumination.
  • The integrated tracking system helps in motorbike tracking in case of theft, and a feature is provided to immobilize the two-wheeler to stop any stealing.
  • The SmartApp also provides the rider with information on the nearest service garage or where you can get a roadside mechanic for assistance in case of emergencies.

Bold Color, Smooth Suspension, and Large Wheels

The Gravton Quanta is manufactured to delight the regular and GenX motorbike buyer.

  • The manufacturers have come up with White-Red and Black colors to attract the newer EV motorbike buyers.
  • The unorthodox design is also made keeping in mind the new-age Indian motorbike buyer. The suspension with a front telescopic fork gives the rider a smooth-riding option even on the bumpiest of roads.
  • The wheels come with an ample 17-inch alloy wheelbase and disc brakes at both the front and rear end, making it one of the safest EV motorbikes on the roads.

An All-Terrain Motorbike 

  • One of a kind of EV motorbike, the Gravton Quanta, can travel on-road, off-track with a firm grip on dirt, wet, and dry tracks alike.
  • It can handle any environmental conditions, be it scorching sun in the desserts, sweeping rains on the coastal roads, or snow-filled roads of mountainous terrain.
  • A perfect all-terrain EV motorbike for the cross-country motorbike fan.

The Gravton management announced that Quanta EV would be their 1st e-moped to be launched in India, followed by a traveler motorbike, a scooter, and finally a sports bike. Quanta is indigenous in design and in the auto components that go into the manufacturing of this motorbike. The Quanta promotes a fun riding option to the electric motorbike buyer.

Thus, this powerhouse of an electric motorbike is sure to give all the existing petrol-fuelled motorbikes in the entry-level 100 CC -150CC range a run for their money. If you are ready to go for an exceptional Made in India green-powered two-wheeler, check out the Gravton Quanta, a complete package in itself.

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