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The Raised Front : Types of Wheelies (Part III)

In continuation of the wheelie month, which introduced you to different types of wheelies in SFR, this will be a continuation of the same. This article will brief about the second 9 of the 18 assorted wheelies, aimed at making one understand the gist and element of each wheelie. It also stands proof that Sportbike Freestyle Riding (SFR) is very detailed and less understood motorsport.

Without cruising over the same topic, let’s throttle on!

Intermediate Wheelies: By now, everyone is well versed with intermediate wheelies. Of all the ones listed in the last article, just one left to discuss here.

Flamingo Wheelie: It is a transition from a seat stander to the rider placing his one foot on the wheelie bar, and the other foot stretched away from the whole body. This trick is practiced in two forms: Basic Straight Line Flamingo Wheelie and Basic Circle Flamingo Wheelie.

Professional Wheelies: In the beginner and intermediate tricks, the rider’s abdomen was not really into play a lot. But in professional wheelies, you would notice that most of the time, the rider is not seated either on the seat on has both feet resting in mean position (gear pedal and foot brake respectively). All the professional wheelies heavily demand a rider’s physique to be leaner and muscular. The requirement to maintain balance is the most in these wheelies. A maximum of these wheelies happens in steps. It requires you to attain one of the beginner or intermediate wheelies as the leading wheelie and then attain the position of the professional wheelie in the end. What is also told to us by professional riders is that performing these wheelies requires consistent practice. Maintaining balance on the leading wheelie and then transition to a specific professional wheelie is what is challenging. If the rider does not practice this transition consistently, the professional wheelie cannot get executed regularly.     

Tank Spreader Wheelie: This trick is a combination of three steps. First, the rider pops a basic wheelie using the handbrake. Then the rider jumps from the seat onto the tank dent. It requires skill and confidence, as the rider technically has both legs in the air while the wheelie is in motion. Now once the rider settles in the tank dent, he has to propel the wheelie and maintain the balance with an adequate throttle. Besides, spread his/her legs away from the sides of the motorcycle. This is how the professionals in world tournaments do it. Some riders attain the tank position and then pop the wheelie, which isn’t supposedly wrong for learning purpose, but if that is done in an SFR world tournament, then you would be judged more as a marked novice giving you fewer points in that scenario. This trick is in two forms: Tank Spreader Straight Line Wheelie and Tank Spreader Circle Wheelie.

Semi High Chair Wheelie: Also known by the name of 50-50 wheelie or Tank Wheelie, this is the foundation step for the traditional high chair. The trick begins with achieving the Seat Stander wheelie first. Then, one leg over the handlebar and the second leg hanging by the side of the motorcycle tank. The bottom of the rider rests on the tank likewise. Conventional throttle feed with needed hand brake tapping is utilized to keep the balance in check. This trick is in two forms: Semi High Chair Straight Line Wheelie and Semi High Chair Circle Wheelie. 

High Chair Wheelie: The one well versed with Semi High Chair Wheelie can with relative ease perform this trick. Here the method starts with first the rider achieving the standard Seat Stander wheelie. Now the transition from Seat Stander to High Chair begins with a jump, while holding the handlebar, maintaining the wheelie, but with both legs in the air. The rider cements his bottom on the tank and then starts to hang his/her legs over the handlebar on the front one by one. Now some might argue that the easier method is to achieve the High Chair position when both wheels are on ground rather than taking a risk while in a wheelie mode for the transition. That again is where a beginner is tagged against a professional rider in an SFR tournament anywhere in the world. This trick is practiced in two forms: High Chair Basic Straight Line Wheelie and High Chair Circle Wheelie.

Frogger Wheelie: One of the most challenging wheelies, which is why very few examples of these are available anywhere in the world. The standard requirement of this trick is to have no belly fat at all and a good back because the back might experience pain in a prolonged scenario. In this one, the leading trick again is the Seat Stander wheelie, the transition from it to the conventional crouch Indian position onto the tank with both knees bent, foot on the tank, and concentrated as close to the handlebar as possible. Just imagine a frog sitting on a tank, holding the handlebar, and popping the wheelie! It is vital to concentrate during the transition as if by chance, the bike slips into a condition of weaving or wobbling; then, it might lead to a crash. This is practiced in two forms: Frogger Straight Line Wheelie and Frogger Circle Wheelie. 

Turtle Wheelie: The one in a league of its own! Everything that was done in a Frogger is to recur here in step by step format, and when the Frogger wheelie is achieved and maintained, the rider needs to stretch one leg out just like it was done in Flamingo Wheelie. This trick would need the rider to be fit and the bike’s tank area to be relatively more significant. Also sometimes called as Frogger Flamingo Wheelie. This trick is practiced in two forms: Turtle straight Line Wheelie and Turtle Circle Wheelie.

Low Tower Wheelie: Low tower Wheelie is a daunting trick which requires back to back practice. Here the conventional seat stander is achieved first. Then one foot is placed on the tank, which acts as an anchor of the stance. The hand is holding the front rake or the number plate cross member on the fork as per convenience. This concludes the trick. Maintaining this in a straight line is substantially problematic, but keeping this position for circles requires respectable levels of talent. This needs throttle to be locked with hand brake feeding as per the requirement to the balance. This trick is practiced in two forms: Low Tower Straight Line Wheelie and Low Tower Circle Wheelie.

Watch Tower/High Tower Wheelie: This wheelie is an upgrade from the Low Tower Wheelie. First, conducting the now mastered Seat Stander wheelie as the leading trick to using one of your feet to anchor the stance on the tank first, while the other foot is to be placed on the handlebar. Now once the wheelie is balanced, the foot on the tank needs to be brought onto the handlebar while maintaining the wheelie. This requires throttle to be locked with hand brake feeding as per the requirement to the balance. This trick is practiced in two forms: Watch Tower/High Tower Straight Line Wheelie and Watch Tower/High Tower Circle Wheelie.

Dyclose Wheelie: This is potentially a god-level wheelie to practice. First, for the leading trick, pull off a seat stander and rest the handlebar on the right side, after which you lock the throttle. Now the rider uses his/her right foot and places it onto the mudguard by sitting onto the handlebar. Now using the throttle hand, the rider holds the front mudguard. Not to be confused with semi high chair wheelie as in that your bums rest on the tank whereas here the legs though hangs in the same fashion as semi-high chair, the bottom rests on the handlebar. Now leaving the left foot free in the air, the rider tries balancing the whole gig. The level of this trick is so difficult that it has been said that only 5% of the riders are able to pull this off on a global level. This trick is practiced in only one form: Dyclose Circle Wheelie. 

Wheelies, in a broad context, are primarily considered the basics of SFR. You would come across people who, for years though, have been in the automotive field professionally do not usually have even a clue about all this. This all would also show how riding needs the utmost discipline and concentration. A good number of people who even do have a bit of the understanding is more like half knowledge. 

The next article will give you an insight into what is beyond the professional wheelies and also what is potentially different about circle wheelies than straight-line wheelies.

As far as this motorsport goes, it is very much disciplined like any other sport. A vague lifestyle affected with drugs, alcohol, or tobacco of any sort is not ideal for one to be a Sportbike Freestyle rider in real sense. Also, keeping the activity off the public roads and limiting them in permitted spaces and precisely controlled environments is mandatory. We do not encourage any rash behavior of any sort or any violence of traffic rules at any time. Such ill practices and hooliganism are heavily condemned. Stay safe and always wear appropriate safety gear whenever on the bike. Ride on!

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