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Things You Should Carry for a Motorbike Ride

Planning for your next motorbike ride or is it your first long-distance ride and you are fed up of scratching your head over what to carry?

Well, do not worry. We have done a full research on the must have things for a motorbike ride that will help you select the essentials you should take along. We assure you that these tips will make your motorbike ride comfortable and an exciting one.

So are you ready to prepare the checklist?

Before we start with our checklist, here is something you must always keep in mind. Never over pack stuff for your ride as that will make your motorbike heavy and uncomfortable on long rides.

Now let us start with the things that are a must for motorbike riders:

  • Clothes: Depending on the destination, current weather and days of camping, pack a particular set of clothes for yourself. Try to avoid heavy ones and carry strictly only what you need. Prefer to carry daily wear shirts, t-shirts, pants, and undergarments.
  • Toiletries: Don’t forget to take hygiene products like shampoo, soap, anti-allergy pharmaceuticals, toothbrush, towel and grooming suppliers.

  • Waterproof Armored Motorbike Jacket: A motorbike jacket is pretty important for a rider. Always wear a waterproof jacket for long rides as that will give you comfort in both summer and winter weather conditions. You can also keep a set of rain suit for safety.
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  • A good pair of Rugged Shoes or Boots: Make use of proper riding boots for your motorbike and take a rain gaiter as well to safeguard yourself in an unexpected bad weather loop.
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  • Sunglasses: You must always carry a pair of sunglasses along with you as a protective eye-wear while riding.
  • Armored gloves: Gloves is a very important motorbike gear while on road. So keep a pair of waterproof gloves for protection from harsh atmospheric conditions.
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  • Water bottles, fuel, and oil cans: Throughout the ride, you should be well hydrated hence, it is very important to carry at least 2 gallons of water. For your motorbike’s energy, take some fuel and oil containers in a saddle bag.
  • Helmet: You must always wear a full-face helmet during long rides. This motorbike gear will protect you from accidents as well as adverse weather.

  • GPS device, power bank, earphones, phone and its charger: Keep your smartphones fully charged throughout the ride. If you are not comfortable with map routes, you can use a GPS device to navigate your path.
  • Battery fuse: Always have a backup battery fuse with you for emergency situations.
  • A small tool kit of two-wheeler repairing parts: Tag along a small kit of tools with you consisting of multi-functional screwdriver and pliers. You can also take a spare of brake shoe, pocket knife, sockets, wrenches, clutch, and accelerator tube in your toolbox.

Besides these, there are a few important documents that you should always have :

– A valid driving license

– Insurance and other motorbike related documents

– First aid kit

– Credit and debit cards, cash, paytm details etc.

– Photograph of yours and the service station contact details in case of a breakdown.

What should my saddlebag consist of?

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Saddlebags are used for the comfort of motorbike rides. Therefore one must plan a checklist of what needs to be packed in a saddle bag as well. Saddlebags come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. These are available in rectangular and trapezoidal shape and depending on your budget the material varies between leather and cloth.

Saddlebags will act as:

  • A cushion support thus preventing back pain during the ride.
  • A weight handler that handles little weight and balances the ride.
  • The rear seat of your motorbike.
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The magnetic tank bag is yet another useful motorbike accessory. It can be used to carry maps, sling bag, guidebook and some small tools. Magnetic tank bags are easy to place as they can rest on the fuel tank of your motorbike with the help of magnetic attraction. However, it is better to avoid filling them with heavy articles.

In addition to these, you can also take a sleeping bag and bag pack for your journey.

Thus, these were the list of important stuff that you must always carry while on a long motorbike trip.

So get going for your next two-wheeler ride along with your motorbike community friends and let the exciting adventure begin…Have fun guys!

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