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Tips on Maintaining Good Mileage for Two-Wheelers

For any riders in the Indian motorbike community, mileage is a significant factor while purchasing a motorbike. Higher the engine capacity, more challenging is the decision to justify the cost of the super motorbike while comparing with its mileage. Even though the motorbike’s design, engineering, and styling are best in class and the technology used is of cutting edge, the mileage question weighs heavily on the buyer.

Since a two-wheeler is a vehicle for everyday use and a better option for mobility, the cost of the user needs to balance in tune with the household budget. But the mileage of any motorbike depends on many factors like road surface, traffic, and most importantly, the rider himself.

Thought some of the external conditions like the terrain you ride on or the environmental conditions like the rain or cold winters and heavy traffic conditions, especially in cities, take their toll on the two-wheeler mileage. We compiled six tips to help you get the best mileage from your two-wheeler with minimum fuss.

Ride Steadily

Get the best mileage ride at a steady speed and avoid unnecessary speeding or racing. Riding at high speeds requires frequent brakes at short notice, which stresses the motorbike engine and braking systems. While accelerating, the motorbike consumes large amounts of fuel, thus screwing your mileage. If you are a disciplined rider and drive at a constant speed of 40kmph to 60kmph, rev up your engine only when needed, and use minimum braking, you are sure to get the best mileage.

Kill the Engine When Idle

Often you are stuck at traffic signals at the red light, or if you are touring in the hinterlands, there are railway crossings where again you have to wait a long time. The best practice during such times is to switch off your engine. As per standard specs idling is an option to use less fuel as every time you start your machine, it pulls more significant fuel as it needs the power to start up. But this is only true if idling is under 1 minute. If you have to halt for more than 1 minute, it makes sense to shut off your engine to get better mileage from your two-wheeler.

Regulate Correct Air Pressure in Tires

Every motorbike manufacturer always recommends requisite tire air pressure to give the best mileage. The rider’s responsibility is to maintain this air pressure to get the best fuel consumption numbers. If the tire pressure is low, the mileage will also decrease due to high contact of the road surface on the motorbike tire, which increases the resistance, which increases fuel consumption. You will have reduced road surface contact if you increase tire pressure, but the ride will be stressful due to reduced traction. So it becomes essential when you fill your fuel tank to stop at the air vending machine to check tire pressure to get the mileage.

Gear Shifting

Every rider knows that while riding on highways or long journeys, as soon as you get to a higher speed, you need to shift to a higher gear to get a smooth ride. This shifting to a higher gear is as per best-motorbiking practice. The engine speed decreases at higher gear while maintaining great road speed, which improves the two-wheeler mileage.

Better Fuel Quality 

While riding conditions and the speeds you ride affect your two-wheeler mileage, one more vital point to get better mileage is the fuel you use. You must fill your two-wheeler with a good quality of petrol at a good petrol pump. Try to use the same fuel type from the same petroleum company to get better mileage. Also, the excellent quality of fuel will keep your two-wheeler engine in good condition, which will give you great mileage. An efficient tip is to fill your fuel tank in the morning to get dense fuel than when you fill it in the afternoon when there is a lot of evaporation.

Maintenance is the Key

To get the best mileage on your two-wheeler, you need to take care of your motorbike as you do your children. Check frequently for any niggles or sounds coming from your powerful engine. Service your two-wheeler regularly, and the best would be after every 4-6 months or after every 10000 km.

For the motorbike to be in peak condition and have good mileage, maintain a few parts at correct settings, like the carburetor. The adjustment has to be suitable to get the best mileage. Even the set of the motorbike chain has to be perfect to get better mileage.

Some Simple Tips

Try avoiding traffic-infested roads, maintain your engine, park in cooler spaces, and ride at a steady speed. All these will help you in getting the best mileage for your two-wheeler.

Lastly, incorporate all the above advice in your daily commuting practice, and you can indeed boast of an excellent mileage of your two-wheeler next time you praise your motorbike in front of your buddies.

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