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Top 10 Motorbikes to Look Forward to in 2019

A big hello to everyone and wish you all a very happy new year once again!

Well, as our very first article of 2019, we have come up with the top 10 motorcycles that you must look out for this year.

Excited? So, let us get the ball rolling!

  1. 2019 Yamaha YZF – R3

The first one on our list is the from the Yamaha estate as they have decided to release the 2019 version of the Yamaha YZF R3 after re-enacting the model in 2018. The new version of the YZF R3 has been given a complete physical design change taking a cue from the YZ R1 design.

With an improved aerodynamic shape and a 4 kg reduction in weight, the motorbike promises to be 8kmph faster than its predecessor.

  1. Hero XPulse 200

How can a motorbike list be complete without mentioning the top motorbike manufacturers of India, Hero?

Well, in 2019 they are rolling out their Hero Xpulse 200 twins motorbike. The Xpulse 200 motorcycle is designed to be dual purpose with bigger front and rear wheels measuring 21 and 18 inches respectively to enable effective handling for both on and off-road experience.

The motorbike’s engine releases 18.4PS and 17.1Nm power.

  1. Hero Xpulse 200T

The Xpulse 200T, on the other hand, is developed and designed to cater to the riders who enjoy touring. It will be equipped with 17 inches of both the front and rear alloyed wheels.

It would also be powered by a 200cc dual-cooled engine with oil and air just like its Xpulse 200 twin.

  1. KTM 790 Duke.

Who does not recognize the leader in adventure sports motorbikes, KTM?

It comes with not just a single but several categories of motorbikes to fit different riding experiences for the motorbike lovers. The Duke 790, releasing in 2019 will fall under the naked motorbikes category.

It will be overpowered by a liquid-cooled 799 cc parallel twin engine that could churn out an impressive 103 PHP and 86 nm. The strong suit of the motorbike will be its sharp handling coupled with a few electronic aids such as multiple riding modes, throttle response control, up down quick shifter amongst others.

  1. Honda CBR650R

Honda Motorcycles look forward to releasing an updated version of its existing Honda CBR650F. The sport touring motorbike running on a 650cc engine will come with a reformed outlook with a new intake and exhaust.

Other motorbike accessories include a new LCD display panel, a full LED lighting system, a slipper clutch and a selectable Torque control specific to Honda. It might also be one of the most affordable motorbike releases in 2019 which might be launched later in the mid-year.

  1. Benelli TRK 502X

Following their new partnership with Hyderabad-based Mahavir Group, Benelli India would be out this year with their anticipated TRX 502X. The motorbike designed with spoke wheels makes it suitable for adventure touring and off-road riding.

It has a 19 inch and 17-inch front and rear wheels with special Metzeler tyres both equipped with dual channels ABS brake discs. This 235 kg motorbike will be powered by a 499.6cc liquid cooled parallel twin monitor engine.

  1. Kawasaki ZX-6R

The Kawasaki ZX-6R will be introduced in the Indian two-wheeler market shortly. The 2019 model will be powered by a 4-cylinder 636cc engine capable of giving out about 130 bhp power at 13, 500 rpm.

With additional features such as a quick shifter, a standard traction control, monobloc brake calipers, and separate function forks, the new bike from Kawasaki is sure to make heads turn.

  1. Jawa Perak

Jawa Perak is one of the most anticipated new launches of 2019 as it will be a revival of an iconic motorbike of yesteryears.

Jawa, as you know, has always produced minimalistic motorbike design with a vintage touch and single seat ergonomics. We look forward to Jawa Perak that will be available in India by 2019 for an enjoyable two-wheeler riding experience.

It will be designed with a longer swingarm than those found in most regular Jawa motorbike products powered by a powerful 334cc engine.

  1. Yamaha MT – 15

Yamaha will also be rolling out a more slightly commuter focused motorbike range with the Yamaha MT-15 2019 release. It can also be a sporty alternative and will be equipped with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) liquid cooled engine which was used in the R15 V3 with a power of about 19.3 PS and 15Nm motor.

It is said to have a possible open price of about Rs. 1.3 lakh.

  1. Indian FTR 1200.

The Indian Motorcycle Company flat track motorbikes promise to crank up its performance level with the 2019 release of FTR 1200S. The motorbike will be powered by an impressively powerful 1,2013 cc liquid cooled v-twin engine firing out 120 bhp and 112.5 Nm peak torque.

Additional features will include 6-axis inertia measurement units, selective driving modes, and stability control just to mention a few.

Well, this was our list of the top 10 motorbikes that you can look forward to in 2019. We shall be reviewing each motorbike in detail in our upcoming articles.

So stay tuned, as 2019 is going to be a rocking year for the two-wheeler community in India!

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