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Top 10 Oldest Motorcycle Brands in the World – I

Motorcycles or motorbikes, whichever name you choose to call them, are one of the most common and popularly used vehicles inland transportations. Motorbikes can also be sporty and fun in racing and other events. This two-wheeler resembles an outgrown or big bicycle with enormous speed, is a very efficient means of transportation for covering short distances, and is widely used in developing and under-developing countries. Motorbikes or motorcycles are manufactured in various forms, shapes, and designs to meet the users’ tastes. The motorbike community comprises a long list of unique motorcycles with intriguing qualities and specs, which can blow your mind.

This article focuses on stating and simplifying the story behind the origination of motorbikes by enlisting the features, description, specs, launch date, and unique specialty of the oldest brands of motorcycles in the world.

Some of the top and oldest motorcycles brands that we shall discuss and look at include:

  • BSA Motorcycles
  • Triumph Motors
  • Honda Motos
  • Kawasaki Motorcycles
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • BMW Motorrad
  • Moto Guzzi
  • Ducati Motors
  • Norton Motorcycle
  • Indian Motors

BSA Motorcycles

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BSA are famous for the manufacturing of many of the oldest motorbikes. We would be focusing on one of their favorite and well-recognized motorbike, the BSA Gold Star Clubman.

  • BSA manufactured this motorbike from 1938 to 1963 consists of a 350cc and a 500cc single-cylinder four-stroke production motorcycle. 
  • Considered one of the fastest and quickest bikes of the 1950s, it cost around £14000 and more. 
  • The Gold Star Clubman has its fastest lap at 107.5 mph, and this is the mystery behind the name “Gold Star.” 
  • One of the unique properties or features of the Clubman is it can move fast and accelerate quickly.


Power: the engine supplies a maximum of 42cv a 7000 r.p.m max for utilization.

Displacement (ccm): 500cm.

Type of engine: single-cylinder, four strokes.

Transmission: 4 speeds, chain.

Maximum acceleration: this bike is known for its superbike speed and possesses 177km/h as its top speed.

Weight: it amasses a total weight of 170 kg approx.

Triumph Motors:

It became a prominent motorbike brand around the ending of the last century, and one of the powerful motorbikes that improved the brand’s image is Triumph Booneville.

This two-wheeler was explicitly for comfort and relaxation.

  • Bonneville is a motorbike manufactured by Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd., from 1959 to 1979.
  • It is a standard two-wheeler consisting of twin four parallel engines and fabricated in three separate productions.


Displacement: 800 – 900cc

Engine type: 8 valves, a parallel-twin engine, and also liquid-cooled.

The number of cylinders: 2

Brakes: it possesses a disc type of brake.

Fuel capacity: 14.5 liters.

Honda Motos:

Honda is a very known and popular brand in car and motorbike manufacturing.

  • Honda manufactures one of the oldest and well-recognized motorbikes in the two-wheeler community, CB750, created in the year 1963, is one of the most famous motorbikes manufactured by Honda motors.
  • The upright and standard riding posture characterizes Honda CB750, often referred to as the Original Universal Japanese Motorcycle.


Engine: 740cc, SOHC air-cooled straight four, generates enough power making it a great motorbike.

Top speed/ maximum acceleration: it is a speedy bike with a full speed of 125mph or 201 km/h, suitable for racing.

Transmission: 5-speed manual.

Weight: 233kg, responsible for its balance and stability.

Fuel capacity: 19 liters, making it suitable for long distances.

It is also important to note that CB750 was the first motorcycle or motorbike referred as a superbike.

Kawasaki Motocycles:

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This Japanese brand began manufacturing in 1960s, and is well recognized and regarded as a top brand because of one of its famous models named Kawasaki Triple.

  • Kawasaki triple is a 750cc consisting of 3 cylinders also entered the consumer market from September 1971 down to 1975 recognized for its speed and ease in handling.
  • It possesses the ability to travel or move a quarter-mile standing point in an average of 12 seconds.


Engine: 748cc oil Injected, air-cooled, three cylinders transverse.

Maximum speed or acceleration: 190 km/h or 125 mph.

Power: 50 – 60 kilowatt utilized in carrying out the various function.

Transmission: usually chain driven which 5-speed ups.

Brakes: it has two types of brakes, the front being a disk and the rear being a dumb brake.

Weight: Net weight of 205 kg, which provides additional balance.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles:

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The Harley Davidson brand centers around providing comfort and speed with one of its old models called Harley Davidson XR750.

  • This is a spectacular motorbike, made particularly for racing by the famous Harley Davidson in the year 1970. 
  • Used mainly for dirt track racing, its unique and outstanding speed is one of its evident quality. 
  • Harley Davidson XR750 was also famous as Harley Davidson 70 – XR – 750. 


Engine: 748cc engine with a Mikuni carburettor, air-cooled V twins. All these features possessed by the engine account for its extreme speed.

Top Speed or maximum acceleration: 185 km/h or 120 mph qualifies it as a good racing bike.

Fuel capacity: 9.5 liters.

Weight: Net weight of 134 kg.

Brakes: Harley Davidson possesses no front brake, while the rear brake is usually optional.

With all this information, you should know where the various motorcycle you see today started from. In our next article, we’ll continue on the other five oldest motorbike brands globally, so stay put to read the following article to gain complete information on these motorbike brands.

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