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Top 10 Oldest Motorcycle Brands in the World –II

Hey, guys! We are back with our concluding list of the top 10 oldest motorbike brands globally. 

So, let us begin our ride to the golden years of the motorbike community.

BMW Motorrad

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BMW motors are known for manufacturing many eye-catching motorbikes over the years, including BMW R60/2, BMW S 1000 RR, BMW R18.

We would focus on BMW R60/2, an old-fashioned two-wheeler motorbike designed and manufactured from 1956 to 1969 in Germany, precisely in Munich by the BMW enterprise. 

These motorbikes were solid and rugged to help pull sidecars (mounting positions also inserted). BMW also manufactured other motorbike models from 1956 to 1969. 


Engine: comprises four well-positioned strokes, two cylinders horizontally aligned opposite the boxer, and a pushrod operated simultaneously with two valves per cylinder. It is also notable to note that the BMW R60/2 series uses battery ignition for effective functioning.

Maximum power: 22.4 kw or 30 horsepower with 5000 rpm, quite high for a regular bike and is responsible for its strength.

Fuel Capacity: 17 liters or an average of 4.5 US gallons.

Weight: BMW R60/2 has an average mass of 195kg.

Moto Guzzi

Famous for producing attractive and fast racing bikes, The Moto Guzzi released its first motorbike called MotoGuzzi Le Mans, and other models such as Moto Guzzi V7, Moto Guzzi V9, etc.

Today, we would focus on the first bike released by Moto Guzzi motors, a unique motorbike explicitly manufactured for sports and racing (sports motorcycle), in 1976. It got its prestigious name after the endurance race that took place in Le Mans, in France. The final and last version of Moto Guzzi Le Mans was designed and manufactured in the late 1990s. 


Engine: 850cc and also OHV 2 valve per cylinder, and also air-cooled, four-stroke, v-twin, which is also longitudinally mounted.

Brakes: Disc brakes as its front and rear brakes in different sizes.

Fuel Capacity: 22.5 liters or 4.9 US gallon.

Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati motorcycles became famous for the first motorbike it produced called superbike named Ducati 900SS. Ever since, it has released different eye-catching models such as Ducati M600, Ducati M700, Diavels 1260s.

This very fanciful superbike in the two-wheeler community first got released in the year 1988. Then a special edition of Ducati SuperSport called the superlight came in the year 1992. The motorbikes performed beautifully in races, and famous racers Paul Smart and the swift Bruno Spaggiari finished in the top position that elevated the company’s name.


Engine: 904cc, one of the highest at that time, a SOHC 2-valve, and a Desmo V-twin.

Power: 80 horsepower for every 7500 rpm.

Brakes: it makes use of a unique type of brakes called Brembo, which is very sensitive and makes Ducati 900SS a perfect sportbike.

Fuel capacity: 16 liters, moderate, and suitable for a motorbike.

Norton Motorcycles

We would be focusing on one of the most prominent motorbikes produced by the Norton Motors, the Norton Commando.

This British motorcycle manufactured by Norton motorcycle company has two parallel engines marketed around 1967 to 1977. 

It possessed a displacement of 750cc, but with time it got upgraded to 850cc. During years of production, Commando was recognized and famous around the world. In Britain, it won the Machine of the year award, and in sports and racing events, it performed remarkably. 


Engine: Two engines, each with a nominal displacement of 750cc and 850cc respectively, air-cooled OHV parallel twin.

Top Speed: 185 km/h, which makes it a speedy motorbike.

Power: 43kw.

Fuel capacity: 10 liters or 2.55 US gallon.

Indian Motorcycles

This motorcycle brand was put in place by bicycle manufacturers, who sorted after power and speed. Indian became a strong motorcycle brand to reckon with in the racing world significantly for its immense power and speed. One of their most popular models to be released includes Indian Chief, The Scout, etc. We would focus on one of their oldest brands, which rose them to prominence, “The Scout.” It was manufactured and sold from 1920 to 1949. This motorcycle was considered one of the best motorcycle Indian motors ever manufactured.


Engine: 500-755cc V-twin.

Weight: Average of 170kg providing stability and balance.

Fuel Consumption: The Indian Scout covers 25km with a liter.

Maximum Speed: 130km/hr.

Thus, those were the golden years of the motorbike industry’s evolution process. So when you ride any of the ten oldest brand models, be proud of the history of the motorbike community and speed up with a big grin!

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