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Top 2 Destinations South of Vindhyas for Motorbike Ride

“New Year, New Beginnings, and Newer Resolutions.”

Every motorbike fan from the motorbike community will always have one big resolution on the top of their list: to go on a cross-country motorbike journey. Ride his monster motorbike on wild jungle trails or through dirt tracks or even the mountainous roads to get the adrenaline rush. The calm wind caresses the motorbike and the rider, making him feel like he is the king and the road ahead is his vast kingdom. Most motorbike riders from the motorbike community typically take their journeys in the North of India at high altitudes of Leh, Ladakh, or in the North-Eastern region in the environmentally friendly and green terrain of Tawang or Siliguri.

But did you know the South of Vindhyas has an even better landscape for cross-country motorbike journeys? So much greenery, so much serenity one can go on and on while riding through these roads.

So are you ready to explore the whiff of the Southern sojourn?

Here are 2 of the most favored motorbike journeys you can take South of the Vindhyas.

Mysuru to Idukki

One of the royal motorbike journeys is from Mysuru, the erstwhile Wodiyar kingdom, to Idukki in Kerala, God’s own country. A journey is from the small city of Mysuru in Karnataka, which is rich in culture and heritage, to the backwaters of the quaint little town of Idukki in Kerala. The total traveling distance on a cruiser or adventure motorbike is nearly 360 to 400 km, and the travel time would be 4 to 5 hours. The whole ride is mesmerizing, taking you through fast highways to winding mountainous ghats to red dirt tracks and lush green tea gardens.

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In Mysuru, don’t forget to visit the royal palace of Wodiyar’s, showcasing a world of a bygone era of royal thrones, royal gardens, and public ceremonial grounds. Mysuru palace is also famous for the Dassera ceremony with beautifully decorated temple elephants. The castle itself is light with thousands of bulbs every Sunday evening till dead in the night.

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On the other end, Idukki is part of nature’s best landscape Munnar and Thekkady, two different terrains. Munnar is famous for its lush green tea gardens and Thekkadi for its clear blue backwaters. A perfect destination and an experience of a lifetime while riding your motorbike.

Hyderabad to Attapadi

One of the most arduous motorbike journeys is from the Southern metro city of Hyderabad to the hinterland town of Attapadi. In foodie terms, it’s a particular quest from the gastronomic delight of mutton biryani to the fluffiest and soft Ramaseri idli.

The entire road passes through the incredible and photogenic landscape from lakes, ponds, pristine streams to the teeming wildlife forests.

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And Attapadi is a place that is a particular fan of the Malayalam movie Ayapanumm Kosiyum. The film is an action thriller showcasing a conflict between a police havaldar and his boss, a senior inspector, all happening in the quaint town of Attapadi. The journey crisscrosses through two states and 900Kms which you can cover in 10-12 hours. It was a tedious expedition but an adventure of a lifetime.

So, ride your motorbike and take a voyage through the magical land of the South of India. Do take a stress buster ride across the land of the lush green tea gardens and dewdrop-laden forests.

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