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Top 2 North-East India Routes for a Motorbike Ride

So, what do you think is the most exciting thing for a motorbike rider?

Well, it is to ride the most challenging and scenic route on his favorite motorcycle.

Traveling is a blissful experience as you can be in personal touch with nature, different customs, and people in general. The travelers, especially the single ones, like me, always wander to go around the country and get the taste of multi-functional societies.

A new culture of traveling guides allows us to think a bit more of an adventurous motorbike trip on the most sought after region of North-East.

In this post, we will explore a lot of fun on various routes of motorcyclists that are either determined before the trip starts or modified on the recommendations of locals.

You can follow our short and simple guide if you are also deciding on exploring the beauty of North-Eastern India and expand your creativity heights within your motorbike community.

So, let us dive into the two excellent routes to explore North-East India!

Route I

Assam to Thailand/Guwahati to Cherrapunji

Wherever you are now, you have to start your trip from Guwahati. Else, if you want to go off the traffic in silence, then you can begin the journey from Tezpur.

In case, you start from Guwahati, the mentioned route for bikers would be;

Guwahati – Shillong – Moreh – Tamu – Mandalay – Myawwady – Mae Sot Tak.

The above is an international route that goes from Assam to Thailand.

On the way, you will come across amazing valleys, mountains, urban areas, smooth roads, and all the magical and exciting stuff. There is a scenic beauty of Meghalaya, Assam, and Manipur hills that you will cross.

While you ride through the spiritual and mesmerizing Myanmar, which is a country of life pagodas, exotic views, and authentic cuisine, you will also get along various personalities. They will, I am sure, have a lot to say about their beautiful experiences of the region and life.

If we get to somewhat a more profound state, then there are also chances of you to come across Brahmaputra river-front, Kamakhya Devi temple, and the outskirts of Shillong.

Umiam Lake is also one beauty that you can see while entering Shillong. However, this is a different version of the route from Guwahati to Cherrapunji, and you can also count it as Route II.

On a further trip to Shillong, there are ways to Cherrapunji. On the outskirts of Shillong, explore Elephant Falls that will lead you to Cherrapunji only if you have followed that way.

Route II

Arunachal Pradesh

The second route starts from Tezpur exploring the whole of Arunachal Pradesh. It further proceeds to Bhalukpong, Tenga Valley, Bomdilla, and the Tawang.

Now, this route is what we were talking about initially. It is far away from the traffic horns and any signs of other travelers. Most of the bikers also recommend this route because of the silence.

So, enjoy this solo route with picturesque forests and lush green valleys. They all come amidst your way while you pass through the Assam border to Arunachal Pradesh to arrive at Bhalukpong police check post.

Arunachal Pradesh is highly strict in the tourism aspect, so you need to get an ILP or Inner Line Permit from any Commissioner or State Tourism office.

In the route, army vehicles are quite usual because of the military cantonment area at Tenga Valley. It will be the first large-sized township you will cross after checking out from Bhalukpong check post. There is also a small market with stunning scenes of valleys and several orchids. For the growth of the local economy as well as per your needs, do a little shopping over there. It is a relatively peaceful valley with average temperatures throughout the monsoon and summer.

You can also prefer to plan your trip over here in summers because the winters get too cold with chances of snowfall. Also, you will remain cut off from the whole state during monsoons.

Lastly, along with examining different routes, make sure to get your two-wheeler checked besides carrying the right camping equipment and motorbike accessories.

Be adventurous, be careful, and have a nice journey ahead.  After all, life is not meant to stay at one place, so start traveling.

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