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Top 3 Diwali Bonanza on Made in India Motorbikes – 2022

Finally, it’s that time of the year when every prospective motorbike buyer and the motorbike dealer are in sync. Both want to make the most of the Diwali bonuses; the buyer is seeking the best deals and offers on new motorbike models, and the dealers are more than happy to indulge their customers. It’s a win-win situation for both. So let the festive times begin to check out the latest Diwali Dhamaka offers from Indian manufacturers of two-wheelers.

  1. Hero Motocorp

Hero HF Deluxe

  • The best deal offered on the Hero HF Deluxe is acceptance of the lowest down payment of Rs. 3500/-. Yes, you read it right that’s all you need to pay upfront at the nearest dealer showroom to book your Hero HF Deluxe.
  • Further, one of the largest motorbike manufacturers has sweetened the deal by offering Rs.5200/- as a cash discount.

And if you are thinking of buying your dream motorbike through a bank loan.

  • The motorbike manufacturer Hero Motocorp has partnered with multiple banks to give its customer a great deal on a two-wheeler loan with the lowest EMI of Rs.1800 per month.
  • And if you buy the motorbike using your SBI credit card, you get an additional 5% discount.
  • A unique scheme is also ON during this Diwali festive season. All you need to do is enroll in their Joy club, and you will get an additional benefit of up to Rs.6500/-.
  • Hero Motocorp has also started a new trend of buy now and pay in 2023 to entice new motorbike buyers. This scheme helps Hero cut down its inventory of the Hero HF Deluxe at its dealer showroom and its company central warehouses.
  • To top up this scheme, Hero Motocorp has a lottery scheme of up to 100 motorbikes to be won by its customers through a game of chance.

Hero Super Splendor

  • A similar discount scheme is also running on the hottest-selling Hero Motocorp motorbike, the Super Splendor, with a new enhanced drum.
  • You can buy this motorbike with a low-down payment of Rs.3500. Go to the nearest Hero showroom, select the color you want, pay the down payment, and go home with a smile on your face and the bestselling motorbike in town.
  • And on Diwali, Hero introduced a cash discount of Rs. 3200. You can also take a bank loan to finance your purchase using a verified document like an Aadhar card.
  • You can seek a particular interest rate from these banks on cash loans. The over loan EMI on the Hero Super Splendor is just Rs.1800. Very affordable and light on your pocket.
  • Hero Motocorp has lined up additional benefits on the Super Splendour with Rs.6500 cash discount and 5% cash back on purchases through your SBI credit card.
  • You also get a chance to win 100 motorbikes through the Diwali Festival offer.

Hero Glamour

  • On the Glamour motorbike model, Hero Motocorp has showered its prospective customers with the highest discount of 25%.
  • Add to this the Rs.6500 cash discount on subscribing to the Joy scheme and the 250 bonus points to be redeemed for its after-sale service, and the deals make your mouth water.
  • There is also a particular scheme by Hero Motocorp for its older loyal customer of an exchange scheme for the Glamour model, it’s an additional discount of Rs 5000 on your old motorbike if your buy this all-new Hero Glamour now during this Diwali.
  • Hero Motocorp has also announced a special cash discount of Rs 2100 to sweeten the deal this Diwali festive season.
  • Additionally, the Glamour motorbike gets an exceptional free washing and nitrogen-filling service during its first service.
  1. Baja Auto

Some of the best-selling models like CT110, Platina H Gear 110, Pulsar 150, Pulsar 220F, and Dominar 400 offer prospective buyers a significant discount rate.

  • The CT110 has a cash discount of Rs.3200, the Platina H Gear 110 has a deal of Rs.3700, the Pulsar 150 and the Pulsar 220F have discounts of Rs.4200 and Rs.5000, respectively, and the Dominar 400 has the highest discount offer of Rs.7200 on its ex-showroom price.

To tweak the deal further and tip the customer to buy its motorbikes, Baja Auto is offering the following:

  • Free service for five years,
  • Insurance from a leading two-wheeler insurance company for five years is completely free and
  • To top it all, they are now offering five years warranty.
  • All these models of motorbikes from Baja Auto have a low-down payment of Rs.3500 and no processing fee during this Diwali festival.
  1. TVS Motor Company

One of the most popular motorbikes down south is the two-wheelers from TVS Motor Company. The motorbike from the house of TVS Motor is in a class of its own, be their city motorbike, the Star City model, or the all-new Radeon and Ronin motorbikes. They also have many variants of a superbike scorching the streets under the brand Apache.

TVS Motor company has also created a special Diwali festive offer for its customers.

  • Some highlights are a flat cash discount of Rs.2100 on all its models.
  • The down payments on its TVS Start City, TVS Sport, and TVS Radeon are Rs.10000.
  • For its other models in TVS Ronin and TVS Apache range, the down payment is Rs. 25000.
  • The motorbike company has tied up with all the central banks to provide its customers with the best financing option.
  • You can take a two-wheeler loan to buy a TVS motorbike at the lowest interest rate of 3.9%.
  • All its dealers also offer a Silver Coin if you buy the TVS motorbikes during the upcoming Diwali Season.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest showroom of your favored motorbike manufacturer, sign on the dotted line, pay the down payment, and ride home with a brand-new motorbike.

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