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Top 3 Motorbikes from Kawasaki India

In the motorbike community, the Kawasaki completes the Japanese motorbike trinity along with Honda and Suzuki. Initially, Kawasaki Aircraft Company, a predecessor of the Kawasaki Machine Industries, producing the world-famous superbikes in state-of-the-art plants in Kobe and Takatsuki, Japan, designed and manufactured by the motorbike engines. They started manufacturing in 1952 with four strokes of air-cooled engines with just 125 cc capacity and later scaled up to be part of the 1000 CC superbike and MotoGP bike category. 

In its 60 years of history, Kawasaki followed the philosophy of rider comfort at all times and coined the name Rideology for its technology. Kawasaki has always endeavored to produce motorbikes with the best of technology and even used its experience in aircraft engine development to its advantage. Kawasaki motorbikes are synonymous with power, performance, and dependability. They have released numerous models over the 60 years, each offering high performance and rider comfort.

Now, let us get to know three of the best models launched so far.

Kawasaki Ninja 650

TFT Riding Console 

  • The instrument cluster in the Kawasaki Ninja 650 motorbike is entirely TFT color a one of its kind in the 650 class motorbikes.
  • The cluster design is like an aircraft cockpit with all new digital meters for correct and real-time indications for a smooth riding experience.

LED Headlamps

  • The Ninja 650 motorbike gets powerful LED headlamps for both upper and lower beams. These are best suited even on the darkest of roads and countryside terrains.


  • The Ninja 650 motorbike with the latest sportsmax road sport tires is from the house of Dunlop.
  • These tires offer superior grip on rough roads and the best manoeuvrability.

BS 6 Compliance

  • The Kawasaki Ninja 650 motorbike comes with BS 6 emission standards.
  • The exhaust system complies with emission norms and produces high torque and power when throttle the engine. 

Safety Windshield

  • The motorbike, fitted with a sporty windshield, looks excellent and provides the rider with safety from excessive wind blasts while riding on long journeys.
  • The windshield designed aerodynamically helps the lowest wind resistance in improved mileage of the motorbike.

Stylized Looks 

  • The 650 Ninja has the perfect sporty appeal due to its sharp and aerodynamic design.
  • This motorbike gives the rider a greater sense of safety and high-speed thrills all at the same time.

Digitally Integrated

  • The new Ninja 650 fully integrates with your smartphone over Bluetooth.
  • The Ridelogy app gives you complete access to your motorbike from a remote location, provides key alerts and helps in easy navigation.

Kawasaki W800

Super Slipper Clutch 

The Kawasaki W800 motorbike gives complete rider comfort with its super smooth slipper clutch with easy lever change capability and back-torque limiting function. This feature provides extra safety and prevents the rear wheel from hopping when shifting the gear to a lower position at very high speeds. 

Dynamic Fuel Tank

  • The W800 looks eye-catching with its large curvy fuel tank.
  • The capacity of the motorbike fuel tank is huge and provides the rider enough fuel to go on long journeys without getting the stress of finding a petrol pump for a long time.

 Round Shaped LED Headlamp

  • The Kawasaki W800 has an extra luminous round-shaped LED headlamp at the front.
  • The headlamp beam of this motorbike is powerful, and you can use it for night drives through dark roads.
  • The styling makes the headlamp look retro and classy.
  • The unique convex lens fitted in the headlamp provides extra brightness to its beam.

 Retro Look Console

  • The new W800 from Kawasaki has the classic 2 round dials as part of the console.
  • The console is entirely digital and fitted with a Speedometer, tachometer, and other meters on a giant LED screen.
  • The rider will now never miss any indication while riding a mean motorbike.

Kawasaki Z H2 SE

Minimalistic Design 

  • The Kawasaki Z H2 SE is a prime motorbike of its Z-class motorbikes. The design of this motorbike is kept minimalistic as per Sugomi guidelines.
  • The chassis is compact, and the form is angular with a distinctive crouching look.
  • The motorbike makes it appealing to the sport motorbike community with a gleaming steel grille and aluminum pivot.
  • The memorable Kawasaki River mark logo on its lead lamp makes a prominent statement.

Digital Full Color TFT LCD screen 

  • The Kawasaki Z H2 SE motorbike is equipped with a rich color high-end LCD screen as its console.
  • The console provides the rider with indications on shift, odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption, the surrounding temperature, bike status, coolant indication, and time.
  • This motorbike also has indications for economical riding, IMU, KIBS, pressure booster, and temperature booster.

Electronic Cruise Control

  • The Kawasaki z H2 SE motorbike is provided with switchable electronic cruise control on the handlebar itself.
  • The switch on the left grip of the handlebar is for mode change, and the display setting changes the right-hand switch I for adjusting the machine setting. 


  • The Kawasaki Z H2 SE has Brembo-type front brakes, a combination of master cylinder and calipers to give powerful braking and anti-skidding.

Kawasaki Quick Shifter (KQS)

  • The Kawasaki Z H2 SE motorbike has a patented KQS or Kawasaki Quick Shifter for shifting gears smoothly at higher rpm’s.
  • KQS allows moving to upper gear or lower gear during acceleration and deceleration without using the clutch.
  • The special feature, the sensor technology, gives additional safety while riding.

Heavy-Duty Engine

  • A heavy-duty engine producing 200 BHP powers the Z H2 SE supercharges to give maximum power even with a small core body and weight factor.
  • This motorbike with four balanced in-line engines provides raw power to its rider’s hands.

All these Kawasaki motorbikes are radical in design, ultimate in raw power and performance. In short, a complete package in themselves and appeal to the adventurous side of any fan of the motorbike community. The price range also is kept economical from Rs.1.75 Lakhs for the Kawasaki W series to Rs. 6.5 lakhs for the Z series motorbikes – a dream motorbike for the truly speed crazy motorbike fan.

Kawasaki has lined up five new models in 2021 to appease the motorbike community and upping its ante in increasing its motorbike global market share. We shall get to know about them in the subsequent few write-ups.

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