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Top 5 Best Routes and Places for Motorbike Ride in India

You have a cruiser motorbike like the Bullet 350 Classic or the Yamaha YRF 13 V3 but always get stuck in the city traffic, hitting the clutch and brakes for hours together. In your mind, you see yourself on open highways zooming past other vehicles enjoying the fresh air, and taking in the lush green surroundings. Then take a break from the city life and the traffic snarl. As a motorbike community member, you need to go to the countryside with your motorbike friends and explore the unknown routes across India.

If you ride your motorbike for long cross-state journeys in India, you would know that India offers the best possible diversity in terms of terrain for any hardcore motorbike enthusiast. There are long winding roads right through lush green virgin forests. There are arduous high-altitude mountain trails. You can enjoy a motorbike ride across the arid desert or even go on a motorbike food trail. To make it easier, we have compiled the top 5 best routes & places for motorbike riding across India. So here we go.

Manali – Leh – The Challenging Mountain Ride

If you want to challenge yourself on top of your motorbike, ride to Leh from Manali and experience the best mountain adventure. This arduous and exhausting motorbike journey is worth every penny due to its mind capturing the scenic beauty of the snow-capped Himalayas and the soothing blue opens skies.

Its sheer adventure due to its high altitude road, winding hilly terrain combined with low oxygen levels. This 475 km plus journey makes you and your motorbike work hard, so be sure to get your basics right. Carry enough protection against sub-zero temperatures like heavy motorbike riding windcheater and winter wear. Get your motorbike thoroughly checked and serviced before you go ahead with your long but refreshing motorbike ride.

The path covers the best-known mountain Kahardungla, and Rohtang passes at altitudes of up to 4000 meters above sea level. Your stomach will indeed churn and leave you breathless. But the beauty of the ride is worth it for a hardcore cruiser.

Go ahead have the time of your life go to that the small Dhaba’s along the roadsides offering local cuisine and a hot cup of tea. Do try something different. Taste the yak milk-based special tea. Enjoy the ride and grab some photos of this once-in-a-lifetime motorbike journey.

Road Trip Tip: Take this motorbike journey in the July to September quarter. Enjoy the scenic view in Leh.

Spiti Valley from Manali – A Scenic Motorbike Ride

Another motorbike journey on the bucket list of any motorbike enthusiast is the ride to Spiti Valley from Manali. The ride itself is out of this world. The entire motorbike journey encompasses the awe-inspiring beauty of the hills.

The actual route is close to 200 km across Chhatru, Batl, and Pangmo valley. Do visit the world’s highest Indian Post office at Hakkim Village, made famous by Amitabh Bacchan in the movie 102 not out is also featured in the Guinness book of records.

Some of the other mesmerizing spots on this journey are the Chandra Taal lake, The buddhis monastery of Kee, the breathtaking Pin valley, and scenic spots like Tabo Naka, Kalpa, Sangla, and Shoja.

Road Trip Tip: Take this motorbike trip from May to August when the path and temperatures are better for your long motorbike ride.

Delhi to Jaipur and Onward to Ranthambore – A Wild Trip

If you want serious fun on your motorbike expeditions, be sure to ride to Rajashthan. Try the motorbike route starting from Delhi to Jaipur and then onwards through the national wildlife reserve of Ranthambore.

A total journey of 450 km taking ten plus hours but is worth every bit of your time as the memories you create here will last you a lifetime.

On this motorbike journey, you can experience the Aravalli’s mountainous terrain and lip-smacking and spicy Rajasthani cuisine in Dhaba’s lining the entire highway roads.

When in Jaipur, enjoy its historical culture, head to the Amber Fort or the breathtaking Hawa Mahal in the city’s heart. Also, be sure to soak in all off Ranthambore National Tiger Reserve.

Road Trip Tip: Ride here in November or December when riding in the arid terrain is cooler. Do check out Pichola lake and the various temples dotting your winding path.

Guwahati to Tawang – The Mesmerizing North-East 

As a member of the motorbike community, if you have not traversed the North East with its natural beauty, lush green hills, and exceptionally mesmerizing tea garden-laden roads, don’t proclaim yourself as a motorbike adventurer.

The Guwahati to Twang is a good 500 km motorbike ride filled with photogenic spots. You can take photos or selfies, upload them to Instagram and make them blue with envy. On this road trip, be sure to soak up the beauty of the small villages of Dirang and Bhalukpong, go for a spin at the LDL Buddhist monastery to understand their culture.

Tawang is also famous for the Sela Pass, the old trading post between India and China on the silk route. The roads at high altitudes are one of the best and safest motorable roads in the world.

Road Trip Tip –Take this cross-state trip in the Summer or close to winter when the weather is warm and pleasant to cover.

Chennai to Puducherry – European country ride 

If you want to ride down south of India, go on a motorbike trip from Chennai to Puducherry, the sedate former French colony. Puducherry resembles Paris for its European feel and heritage spots. The coastal road you take while riding your motorbike cruises along the entire coastline giving you a sense of the French Riviera.

A total journey of 150 km takes a short motorbike ride of 4 hours max. Ride early at daybreak, have a hearty breakfast of piping hot idlis or dosa, and filter coffee. Take pleasure in the sun-kissed shore and the natural light bouncing across the sea.

This motorbike journey will take you through heritage sites like Mahabalipuram & Alamparai Fort. With the wind in your hair, enjoy the quiet backwaters in Chunnambar, capture the lovely paddy fields and take a stop-over at the Dutch Sadras Fort.

Do let your hair down at the numerous seaside cafes dotting the pristine beaches of this tiny little town of Puducherry.

As a motorbike enthusiast, no experience come close to riding on the open roads through lush green forests or snow-capped hills. The top motorbike journeys are where you have fun, enjoy the local culture and cuisine. An image in your head that lingers on much after the arduous and back-breaking journey on your loyal motorbike. So what are you waiting for? Pack your backpack, suit up your motorbike jacket, put on your helmet, and go to your favorite place on the best pair of wheels you possess.

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