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Top 5 Motorbike Gloves Manufacturers in India

Motorbike ride is all fun, adventure, excitement, thrill, and daily commutation tool. Yes, it is, of course, one of the perfect upgrades the technology has given us decades back.

However, one factor to always remember is that motorbike riding is risky. As per research, most of the road accidents on two-wheelers are fatal and majorly result in death. Although the reason is mostly unchecked speed, you cannot ignore the absence of essential riding gears like helmets.

Lately, due to the strict implementation of laws and increased fines, most of the common masses are following the helmet culture. But, what about other safety accessories, especially gloves? For a comfortable ride, you need a perfect grip on the handlebars to avoid tingling on your fingers due to a long-time ride. Thus, a reliable or just the right pair of gloves can do the job.

We picked the top 5 that are economical and safe from the uncountable motorbike gloves manufacturers in India.

  1. Rynox

With a successful year after manufacturing luggage solutions in 2012, Rynox entered designing and manufacturing motorcycle apparel. Fulfilling all the factors like protection, reliability, comfort, and style that the rider expects from a gadget, Rynox always doesn’t rush up releasing new products to the market.

Priced from INR 2000, Rynox is the famous manufacturer of gloves with appropriate certification.

Made of high-quality perforated leather to stiff knuckle glove, Storm Evo 2 Gloves, Urban Gloves, Tornado Pro, and Air GT are some popular types on the lineup.

Apart from Gloves, Rynox manufactures other gear like jackets, knee guards, and accessories like luggage, jacket covers, and defender Evo masks.

  1. Xtreme Dynamics Inc

Xtreme Dynamics Inc, popularly known as XDI, stands as our next best motorbike glove manufacturer. Providing reliability in terms of model, comfort, and economical price range, XDI laid the foundation in 2015.

Prices start from INR 1200.

With support from artisans worldwide, like Romania to Italy, it is becoming one of the fast leaders in protective motorsport manufacture. The technical advancement of XDI recently introduced the “Torque Master” glove reinforced with Kevlar.

A few great gloves category of XDI include urban gloves for riders, stealth long gloves, and stealth short gloves for racers.

  1. XTS Gears

Categorized between street gears and touring gears, XTS is inspired by its customers for its product philosophy. With the primary motto of protecting a tourer or a street commuter, the development team is crafting stylish and contemporary gloves.

Priced around INR 3000 and tested on dangerous and challenging terrain, Octane takes the first position in XTS.

Offering abrasion protection through molded TPU protected honeycomb design as knuckles, TPU sliders for wrist slide, TPR slides for scaphoid bone, and genuine leather for resistant chassis, all XTS gloves are versatile protective apparels.

Jacket and knee guards are the other accessories on the catalog list.

  1. Solace

Want to explore the world fearless? Is an adventure ride in 2021 on your motorbike your greatest wish of the year? Then Solace has a complete wardrobe for you to explore jacket, pants, action cam, protectors, bags, accessories, and finally gloves.

Priced from INR 1000, Solace is the manufacturer of all sorts of gloves suitable for daily commuting to wanderlust riders.

With its emergence in the market in 2014, Solace is still a competitor on the list of best motorcycle equipment manufacturers. From the introductions, “Carbontec Semi Gauntlet,” “Passion Urban City,” “Hitpro Short Gloves,” and Airdrift gloves are the popular choices.

  1. X Limitz Adventure World Private Limited

The last entry on the top motorbike gloves manufacturers list is X Limitz, established in 2001. Providing a range of adventure and camping accessories like apparel and cutlery, X Limitz offers quality products using proven raw materials.

X Limitz designs gloves with a price range of INR 1900 and so on, for racing, bicycle rides, mountain adventure, etc.

Developed by high skilled professionals, it ensures high-quality standards and is in great demand currently. The gloves come with high-quality leather-like PU Synthetic. Besides, each edition has a unique feature set like ABS reinforced knuckle, silicone printed palm, pinkie finger protection, triple stripe, all-round wrist protection, air vents knuckles, and many more.

Thus, if you weren’t using gloves on your previous motorbike rides, it’s okay but from now on, tell good-bye to this habit. Start using gloves that can protect your skin from cuts and bruises. Lastly, make sure you recommend them to your friends and colleagues as prevention is better than cure!

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