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Top 7 Tips for Motorbike Protection in Chilly Winters

Once upon a time, Dan Aykroyd aptly said, “You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any motorcycle!” If a two-wheeler is such an important possession, why not take proper care of it. Just like your dry skin needs extra attention in the winter season, the latter also looks for exceptional care in the icy-cold weather. I will share some easy yet useful tips to protect your motorbike in the chilly winters.

  1. Use of Antifreeze or Coolant

In the winter, the first thing you should never forget is to regularly top up the in-built colling system with coolant/antifreeze of a low freezing point. It prevents the water in the radiator to get frozen. Else you will find it difficult to gear up the engine, a significant problem when you stay in areas with relatively low temperatures and still park your bike outside. The lower the freezing point of the coolant, the more influential the coolant. Don’t add water instead of coolant to save money. That will, in turn, empty your pocket.

  1. Care for Battery

Among the two-wheeler accessories, the battery takes the maximum stress of electricity and engine. If the oil condenses due to low temperatures, then the battery takes a lot of time to start. If you are using the latest model of sealed dry batteries, then you need not worry. Just recharge it at regular intervals. Once it stops working, replace it. But if you are still using traditional acid-based batteries, you have to apply petroleum jelly-like lubricant on the edges. Keep checking if the voltage level is always above 12.6 volts. Keep the battery clean, and if you find the battery is getting drained quickly, it is better to replace it.

  1. Covering the Bike

It is always better to park your motorbike in a shaded cover or inside the garage. But if it isn’t feasible and you are bound to park it outside even during the season, then do cover it adequately. Spray a water-repellent so that moisture should not layer upon it, else that will lead to corrosion of the bike body.

  1. Change of Oil

Just like a moisturizer keeps your cheeks glowing in the chilling winter, oil safeguards the engine. Spend heartily on a good quality engine oil as expensive oil has additives that are inevitable for the engine’s proper functioning. You can also add a fine film of starter spray into the engine’s air valve for a couple of seconds to make the engine fuel suited for hassle-free combustion.

  1. Lubrication of the Chain and other Accessories

Keep the bike clean and free from dirt and moisture. Lubricate its parts to prevent rust and ensure smooth working. The chain keeps collecting water and salt from the soil wet roads. It will freeze in no time if you don’t take proper care. You can opt for a Scottoiler device that automatically lubricates the two-wheeler as and when required. During winters, add lubricant in all the gaps generously after every long ride or at least once a week.

  1. Cleanliness

Clean the motorcycle thoroughly, especially the lights, as visibility matters in the winter. Clean the carriage, wheels, and other two-wheeler accessories where dirt or salt might get in. If you cannot afford to clean it frequently, hose it off after every winter ride. Besides, wash it every week. Salt and moisture are vulnerable to the metallic body. So remember to apply a layer of anti-rust spray post a cleaning session.

  1. Tire Health

This tip is not specific for winter. The entire two-wheeler community knows to check the tire’s health before every ride. Due to a sudden drop in pressure and regular wear and tear during the winter, the tires may get severely damaged. It is better to switch to winter-specific tires to stay free from this routine maintenance. It enables better grip in cold and wet conditions. Like you do not step out without looking at the mirror, similarly, make it a habit to check the tire before every ride regardless of the distance you are going to travel.

By now, you know how to adore your two-wheeler in the winter. Amidst the special care, do not forget about your safety. Even if you wear gloves, it’s often difficult to hold the motorbike handles continuously for a long time. Install hand-warmer grips to facilitate a comfortable ride. In the winter, the helmet visors get hazy due to mist. Install anti-fog or apply anti-mist to ensure clear vision throughout the ride. Just a few tips, and keep enjoying the adventurous rides forever on your favorite two-wheeled beast.

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