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Top 9 Summer Two-Wheeler Riding Tips

The summers are back before time this season in India. Although April sports the Spring every year, due to reasons unknown (probably ozone layer depletion), the scorching summer of June is already knocking on the doors in North India.

Although summer is an excellent season to plan long motorbike rides, the heat can be excruciating. You would feel drained even after 1 to 2 hours of constant riding.

Thus, here we, for the Indian motorbike community, bring forth some of the best tips for a hot season ride:

  1. Ensure to Gear Up, Although it is Hot!

We wouldn’t want to load ourselves with heavy gears in summer as sweating will make riding uncomfortable, resulting in dehydration and exhaustion. Thus, go for summer riding gear, like summer gloves, mesh jackets, and helmets with ventilation. These motorbike accessories for summer offer ample airflow and maximum safety on the road.

So, you can enjoy riding and be safe at the same time.

Besides, if your budget allows, opt for perforated jackets. You can add water to these and wear the vented jacket. It will help keep your body temperature 15 degrees Celsius lower and last for three days. Interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Avoid Stepping Out in the Peak Hours

Sun is in its full power around 12 pm-3 pm in most northern India. So, avoid your motorbike rides during these hours. Start your ride early morning, around 5 am, if you plan a long trip.

Follow the 12-3 rule per your region and go for a late afternoon or early morning ride.

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink water and other liquids on the way. Yes, this is an essential tip for all two-wheeler riders. Carry a backpack, and ample water as the summer sweat will quickly take out all the water from your body. For long rides, stop by at regular intervals and keep drinking liquids.

  1. Get your Motorbike Checked Before a Long Trip

This is a common but vital tip for the motorbike community. Ensure you get your motorbike serviced and checked for lubrication, battery, brake fluid, tire pressure, etc. Everything must be in place, whether your vehicle is old or new.

  1. Park your Motorbike in the Shade

If you are stopping for a while or taking a break, look for shade to park your motorbike. Or else your seat might get baked, and you might lose some petrol due to evaporation.

  1. Get Visor or Full-Face Helmets

Always on a long ride, wear a full-face or half-face with a visor to avoid heat burns on your skin and eyes. You can also cover your nose, cheeks, and lips area with a soft cotton cloth under the helmet to keep the summer breeze at bay.

Your two-wheeler insurance will save your penny for the motorbike but won’t protect your skin.

  1. Concentrate on the Road 

It is better to avoid any slippery tar melts, stones, or sticky patches on the road during summers. You wouldn’t want to tumble, hurting yourself in the scorching heat where you may not even find any help.

  1. Plan in Advance

Although you need to plan every trip, it becomes more important in summer. If the weather is becoming hotter day by day, prepare your gears, liquids, food, pit stops, and safety accessories so that you can relax and cool off by parking your bike anytime you want.

Avoid instant trips and unplanned movements in summers.

  1. Say no to Alcohol and Caffeine

Finally, please keep it to water and sports drinks in the summers. Caffeine and alcohol will cause you to sweat more and lead to dehydration very quickly. Stay away from sugary beverages, too, to avoid uncomforting long motorbike rides.

Thus, these are the eight tips that, if you follow, can make your summer motorbike rides comfortable and enjoyable.

So, which part of India are you planning to travel to this season? I guess the mountains are calling again!

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