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Top Tips for Monsoon Motorbike Riding in 2021!

Motorcycle riding in wet monsoon season can be a scary experience for many. However, if you follow the right advice, you can make your and fellow riders’ journeys safer and more comfortable.

Fortunately, with the decrease in Covid cases and robust vaccination drive of the Govt. of India, life is slowly but gradually heading to normalcy. In July ’21, the hilly areas of the country saw the most significant influx of tourists, although heavy rains did some damage to the smooth journey.

Riding in the rain isn’t easy as you can see it in a movie or TV serial. The actors have a large crew and safety equipment to keep themselves from any untoward incident. Now, that is not the case with you. Even if you are riding alone or with a pillion, you need to keep that extra care, slower speed, proper usage of brakes, and excellently conditioned motorbike. 

So, let us read some of the tips which can make your wet rides smoother and more secure in the 2021 monsoons.

Check Your Tires 

You know the condition of tires plays a significant role in road safety. It is best to replace every 100 km of rubber left in them. Tire thread in your wheels disperses water, so you must ensure and get your two-wheeler tire checked regularly to ensure it won’t be a reason for any mishap in rainy rides. Do not drag old tires; replace them.

Tire Pressure 

Another basic but essential trick is to have a good grip on roads. Keep the tire pressure 1-2 psi lower than usual during monsoon season as it helps your tire get a better grasp of the road. 

Waterproof Yourself

Depending on your budget, buy yourself waterproof or rain gear that fits you well during motorbike rides within the city or outstation. Do not go for too loose or too tight equipment, as you need to be comfortable and stable during motorbiking to avoid the tricky conditions of wet roads.

Get a Good Pair of Boots

One of the vital but often missed parts of motorbike accessories is boots. Get a good pair of branded waterproof shoes for your motorbike ride that will keep you dry for a long time.

Wear Light Colors

You may enjoy wearing dark color clothes. However, especially in the rainy season and that too late evenings and night, the visibility lowers. So, get yourself light color clothes, like yellow, light green, light blue, etc., which are easily visible to the naked eye. Besides, you can buy yourself rain gear with reflective stripes.

Clear Visors

Buy yourself a helmet with clear visors. The tinted or shaded visor will block your vision during heavy and constant rains, leading to accidents. Use visors that are scratch-free; if not, go for a new one.

Cleaning Cloth

Carry a microfiber cleaning cloth on long rides, which you can use to clean your visor, or else you may scratch it while cleaning.

Avoid High-Speed

Keep your riding speed lower than average to avoid skidding and falling on slippery wet roads.

Oil the Brakes

Oil well the brakes of your two-wheeler before monsoons start, as brakes will help you avoid a collision. It’s a boon if you have an ABS motorbike, but if not, trust your instincts and well-oiled brakes for the instant pause you need during your ride.

Keep Distance

Learn to keep distance even during everyday rides. It helps you avoid sudden jerks, push, and collision by giving room to other vehicles around. 

Keep the Headlights ON

Another crucial element during heavy rains is the headlight. Keep the headlights on irrespective of the time you are riding during monsoons. It will offer you as well as the opposite riders better vision. 

Cautious Corner Cuts

It is better to avoid sudden cuts, corners, and overtaking in city driving during rainy traffic. Drive straight as much as you can and avoid swaying at high speed, which motorbikers usually do.

After Ride Clean-Up

Clean up your two-wheeler chain, tires, brakes of mud, and water after the rides are over. It will ensure that no foreign element stays stuck in your motorbike, which may pose a problem during your next run. 

So, guys, these were some of the crucial points you must consider for the 2021 monsoon ride. Remember fun and enjoyment cannot be at the cost of yours and others life. Thus, be a responsible citizen, follow all traffic rules, grab essential accessories, and get yourself fully vaccinated against Covid before stepping onto your motorbike for a long journey.

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