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Tricks of the Trade: Assorted Glossary of SFR tricks

They say that the devil lies in the details. Now that we know a lot about the basic elements of the sport, we will explore the tricks in their true form. In the last few articles, there were some hints dropped regarding more than 10 types of wheelie. If you don’t recall it, do check out the earlier articles. Today though is the day when those rumors will be addressed.

SFR Tricks Glossary

So finally that the cards have been laid on the table one can infer from the above that Sportbike Freestyle Riding has a lot more dimensions than one has ever explored. People who think this to be just an entertainment activity or maybe just a few guys showing off should now change the spectacles they are seeing through. Like in cricket where there are different shots for a batsman such as a hook, square cut, straight drive and others, similarly there are tons of tricks in this sport itself with defined names. Some tricks are performed in specific manners too like wheelies which can be performed in a circle or in a straight line. Let’s take the example of a basic wheelie which can be performed in both manners. Hence individually the tricks will have a nomenclature as ‘Basic Circle Wheelie’ and ‘Basic Straight Line Wheelie’. Does this mean all the wheelies listed here can be performed in both ways? Which one of these are beginners, intermediate or professional tricks?

Trick of the Trade article

For all these answers and more, do watch this space for a more detailed description. Henceforth, welcome to the world exclusive Sportbike Freestyle Riding (SFR) section hosted by your very own Motorbikes India magazine. Meanwhile, respect road rules and keep the roads safe for everyone. Condemn tobacco, alcohol or recreational drugs of any sort. Always ride with proper certified safety gear and do not replicate any kind of tricks or stunts on public roads.

— Gaganbir Singh

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