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TVS Ronin – The New Beast Unleashed in July 2022

It is the start of the monsoon season, the skies are getting dark, and the shower has become more intense. It is also that time to see new models from top motorbike manufacturers. 

We have been hearing a lot of buzz about a possible launch of an all-new motorbike from TVS Motors. A motorbike in the mid-range category of 200 CC to 300 CC gives the requisite power and pocket friendly to the new age motorbike buyer.

The newest motorbike from TVS Motors launched on July 6th, 2022, named Ronin and was the apple of the eye and a show stopper at the Auto Expo 2018. During the concept launch, it was named Zepplin R, but later it was registered as Ronin when it decided to launch in the market.

This motorbike marketing focuses on its power as a cruiser motorbike and some of its outstanding features.

  • The TVS Ronin 225 is a first-of-its-kind scrambler motorbike from TVS. 
  • The styling is brutal and beastly to appeal to the roadies’ type motorbike rider. 
  • The fuel tank is huge to cater to long-distance cross-country journeys. 
  • The look is further made rugged by its dual golden-colored suspension fork that makes the motorbike glide over rough pot-holed roads easily. 

  • The seat is a single piece and upholstered with dual-tone imitation leather to give it a sporty look. 
  • The front headlights are round DRL type, keeping the latest technology and competitive spirit.
  • The all-new TVS Ronin 225 will get power from a 225 CC heavy-duty engine to give that extra thump while riding on the roads. 
  • This motorbike is fit to ride on any terrain, be it city roads or rugged mountainous ranges. 
  • The design is well-engineered with high ground clearance to suit the low Indian roads and typical higher speed breakers on highways. 
  • The engine is also made potent producing 20 BHP power at 20Nm to give the rider a top class & high-end motorbike feel. 
  • The TVS Ronin 225 boasts minimum transmission loss due to its 5-speed gearbox.
  • The Ronin also has a full LED head and rear lamp for the best illumination on dark roads. 

  • The instrument panel on the all-new TVS Ronin is entirely digital.
  • The speedo meter, odometer, and other dials are available in digital formats to quickly understand the motorbike rider. 
  • The TVS Ronin 225 also prides itself as an intelligent motorbike with its patented SmartXconnect Bluetooth feature giving the rider smooth connectivity and control over audio-visual functionality. 

  • The brakes on this motorbike are accurate ABS with disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. The motorbike riders can rest assured of advanced safety even on slippery roads.

The TVS Ronin 225, launched on July 6th, 2022, is the most affordable, with a price point between Rs. 1.30 lakhs to Rs. 1.50 lakhs. An excellent cruiser motorbike is available to the new-age Indian motorbike community to fulfill the dreams of riding into the sunset.

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